First Web Analytics (wednes)Day, Brussels 9th November 2005

pic_docshevel.jpg[ For information about the 2007 edition of the Web Analytics Day, please read the announcement or visit the website dedicated to the event at for more information and registration ]

Held by OX2 on Wednesday the 9th of November at the Federation of Entreprises of Belgium, the first annual Web Analytics Day was a great success with over 80 participants coming from various horizons.
Thanks to its targeted online promotion and even though the WAD was a free event, the turn-up was particularly interesting as major attendees could be split up into 2 categories: end-users from medium sized to larger corporations and potential partners.

The objective of the day was to feed attendees with impartial information regarding the successful roll-out of a Web Analytics project.
Hence the 2 presentations in the morning focussed on explaining the products and services side of such a project.

The 3 workshops, held during the afternoon after a typical Spanish tapas lunch, went deeper into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Conversion and emailing measures and best practices. The Dos and Don’ts of such initiatives in order to assure true Return on Investment.

Olivier de Doncker's Intervention during the morning session.

Gleaning through the feedback forms – which will all received personalised replies – it appears that attendees can also be split into 2 other categories: those who have picked up something and those who, unfortunately, have not but were able to discuss their views around the closing cocktail.
Such a finding is also typically related to the eBusiness sector where, sitting at the hedge of both IT and Business, often interlocutors still need to be appointed.

Aurélie  Pols explaining to the audience how to set-up a Web Analytics workshop

Aurélie Pols, Web Analytics Team Leader, described in great detail how the Web Analytics Homo Sapiens – the one responsible for the findings and the related recommendations – should be armed in order to assure that his/her company would reap full benefit of online technologies.
OX2’s Web Analytics European DreamTeam was happy to get further feedback from the Belgian market on top of its current clients and to compare points of views of the market evolutions.
Some actual clients and current pitches were actually described – in all discretion – during the Day or recognised themselves within the presentations. This enables them to determine more clearly not only which strategy to deploy with respect to their own business but also to clearly pinpoint where they are at within their journey towards “Actionable Results”.
The Web Analytics Day confirmed that major issues encountered today by most companies are related to a clear definition of their online business objectives, underlying measures and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
Human Resources are then the next big thing as no web measurement tool is a “silver bullet”.
A Web Analytics project is a continuous cycle of analysis and improvement that needs to be steered by what has been defined earlier as the Web Analytics Homo Sapiens. Add to this the Investment Chasm related to the acquisition of WA products and sponsoring from top management becomes unavoidable.

Finally, partnering between OX2 and Extenseo for such an event supports the notion that SEO or SEM and Web Analytics efforts need to be coordinated in order to reap the true benefits of your companies’ efficient use of the online channel.


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    […] to audiences. Thus, the site’s owner can get benefit from it.  In this result, November 9 become Web Analytics Day, since 2005. video: the people use web analytics […]

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