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Welcome to the WAA Blog

November 26, 2007

Web Analytics Association Premiere Corporate LogoI wanted to encourage our readers to subscribe to the WAA Blog that has just been launched this month.

As you know the Web Analytics Association is working hard since its creation to help the Web Analytics Industry.

The Social Media Committee of the Association has thus launched a blog which is open to all WAA members.  So if you’re a WAA member and would like to contribute to the Association Blog, please read the Terms of Service and if you agree make your first contribution.

Congrats to Marshall and the rest of the Social Media Committee of the WAA for this achievement!

Web Analytics Standards by the WAA

August 24, 2007

Web Analytics Association Premiere Corporate LogoThis quick note to let you know that the Standards Committee of the Web Analytics Association (WAA) has released 26 new definitions of Web Analytics standards.

The new definitions:

Building Block Terms:
Page, Page Views, Visits, Unique Visitors, New Visitor, Repeat Visitor, Repeat Visitor & Returning Visitor

Visit Characterization:
Entry Page, Landing Page, Exit Page, Visit Duration, Referrer, Internal Referrer, External Referrer, Search Referrer, Visit Referrer, Original Referrer, Click-through, Click-through Rate/Ratio, Page Views per Visit

Content Characterization:
Page Exit Ratio, Single-Page Visits, Single Page View Visits (Bounces), Bounce Rate

Conversion Metrics:
Event, Conversion

You may download the document with the definitions here. According to Avinash, member of the Committee, the comments for each of the definitions are really interesting and worth reading 😉

Web Analytics Association Webcast: Eric Peterson

August 11, 2007

Web Analytics Association Premiere Corporate LogoFor those of you who won’t be able to attend our Web Analytics Day the next September 14th, you can nevertheless attend Eric Peterson Presentation ‘Web Analytics is easy!’ through a Web analytics Association Webcast that will take place on August 29th. Please note that this exclusive event is open to WAA members only: another good reason to become a member 😉

Event details: (more…)

Web Analytics: Four Gurus For You (4G4U) – WAA (5min video preview)

June 11, 2007

Well here is as promised a preview of the Four Gurus For You Session that took place last may in San Francisco during the Emetrics Summit. As you might know the International Committee of the Web Analytics Association organized an online event during the Emetrics Summit. This session intended to the WAA members that couldn’t attend Emetrics presented the 4 most renowned Gurus in Web Analytics answering questions from people attending the event (even virtually).

The Gurus from left to right were:

Jim Sterne / Bryan Eisenberg / Eric T. Peterson / Avinash Kaushik

Here’s a 5 minutes excerp from this session:

Hungry for more?

Very shortly Brian will publish over an hour of video in the WAA website. Access to the videos will be granted only to WAA members, so here’s a good reason to become a member! For about 100 euros per year, you will have the opportunity to pick the brains of these 4 Gurus and learn what are their views in Web Analytics.

On the goship side, you will see for example Avinash throwing his mobile and even hurting himself with the table.

Don’t miss this opportunity and become a member of the WAA today! And if you like this kind of stuff, please state that it was one of the reasons you joined the WAA (we’ll make some more if there’s enough positive feed-back).


P.S. I haven’t selected this excerpt because it was my question, well in part only 😉 ; but also because it explains the 10/20/70 rule that Eric has explained in details recently in his Blog.

For Gurus For You: An experiment! (WAA is in the testing industry)

May 13, 2007

Aurélie and I just got back home after filling in a complaint for lost luggage at the airport… (thanks American Airlines). So we are back in our little Brussels and it’s great to be home, the birds sing this Sunday morning (home sweet home).

Four Gurus For You has been a great achievement for the WAA International Committee. Besides congratulating everybody that made this possible and specially the 4 Gurus that agreed to wake up really early despite the jet lag for some and Jim’s Lobby Bar. So thank you Eric, Avinash, Bryan and Jim!


Four Gurus For You!

May 9, 2007

This morning, here at Emetrics we had a great panel session with THE 4 most important Web Analytics Gurus (Jim, Bryan, Eric & Avinash). We had over 40 people joining the session from around the world that could not only follow the discussion, but also send questions. The international attendees are members of the Web Analytics Association as this was a members only session (in addition to the lucky ones that were present in San Francisco).

4 Gurus 4 You
Jime Sterne, Bryan Eisenberg, Vicky Brock, Eric T. Peterson, Brian Induni & Avinash Kaushik.

Thanks to the WAA and specially to Vicky and Brian without whom this wouldn’t have happened (and thank you Lars for coming up with the name of this online event ;-)).

This event was recorded, so if you want to have access to it in the coming weeks, you just need to do one thing: BECOME MEMBER OF THE WAA!

I’ll be posting a little ‘chupachups’ video in the coming days of this session and publish all the questions that were adressed from the attendees (physically and virtually), you’ll see all the answers from this great minds in the members section of the WAA website.