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Aurélie talks about Gamevertising

November 7, 2007

This non Web analytics post to present you an interview of Aurélie and Thomas Dusart, Marketing Manager of Panos one of our customers.  The interview is in dutch and was made the week after eMetrics Washington.  Aurélie was sick that week (you’ll see it in the video) but still she decided to go for this interview.  I hope that the dutch speakers will enjoy 😉

Free Burma!

October 4, 2007

Free Burma!

Advertiser vs Consumer: The Break Up

May 19, 2007

I’ve just noticed this video on WebAnalytics Book. Hope that it will make think some of the advertisers that visit this blog 😉

Nice campaign from…. Microsoft

The agility of newcomers

April 8, 2007

Gloablisation's offspringNo, this is actually not a post directly about Web Analytics, as this can be considered more widely, so please accept my apologies for that.
This is a post about 3 different sources of information that sprung onto me during and after the Emetrics Summit and I’ve decided to tie together.
The tieying together decision stems from a The Economist article I read this morning under the sun, next to René, as we are finally enjoying some days of relaxing. Well, it actually turned into hours as we are both behind our laptops again and the sun is setting slow but surely over Brussels.

My initial reflexion stems from sales of web analytics licenses, the name of the game for my sales counterparts who have the priviledge, well some of them, to work for web analytics vendors. As these people are usually driven by quarterly sales, they often rejoice about sales of large bundles of licences. To be quite fair, so did I during the first year of my little Web Analytics business unit and quickly found out that this might actually not be the right way to go… Luckily for me, in my second year of professional Web Analytics, licenses didn’t actually mean that much as the services part heavily took over. After all, it’s what you do with it that counts, not the tool in itself as so many of us have been crying out for some time now. (more…)

A sad distorsion of so called Belgian humor

April 5, 2007

First female referee - During a campaign agains child Labour - Source: ILO (International Labour Organization)Our respected competitors and leading web agency in Belgiun, Emakina, launched last Tuesday a website called Rent a Wife (and here’s the URL, you can check it out on
This website is supposed to be a joke and should, according to the agency, be taken as such.
The website actually tries to sell DVDs and in order to explain the service – you can rent for example 3 DVDs, keep them according to your own needs and send them back through the post at will.

The discussions about the ethics of this so called publicity campaign have been ranging all through the country as all major papers picked up the story. Apparently, one could therefore state that the so called buzz around this campaign can be considered as being successful.

The thing is, the viral essence of this campaign can already be questioned through the way it was communicated as, being disturbing, this campaign was easily picked up by the off line media (with a little help from this leading agency).
Add to that that no tags can be found on the pages of the website, I actually wonder how they are actually going to measure traffic!!! (more…)

E-commerce: where do we stand today?

February 28, 2007

eCommerceI guess we live in an age where everything starts with an ‘e’.

E-mail, e-learning, e-governance, e-Europe….

Commerce has entered this group of new concepts a while ago.

If you think of e-commerce, don’t lose sight of EDI, Electronic Data Interchange. Internet is the driver of growth of e-commerce if we consider former electronic networks besides the internet as part of it. It would make little sense to talk about revenues without considering the spending and the effort behind them, this is why we’ll also look at adspend figures around Europe in connection to internet consumption.


OX2 Supports BAOBAB (Ma Dernière heure – Mijn Laatste Uur)

December 19, 2006

This ‘uncategorized’ post to give our support to Scripta’s initiative BAOBAB. For this end of year they have created a campaign called ‘My last hour‘. The concept is to donate the last hour salary to BAOBAB’s charity cause.

Some agencies and compagnies have created a little movie (you can view them here). Here it’s ours:

Caption: The Web is surfing… Let’s Surf! 😉