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Visual Sciences’ Promise

November 22, 2006

René is trying to get me to adopt his wonderful Mac. Actually he started by begging me to write an article about Visual Sciences as I promised Eric I would do.

Yes, I’ve been silent because I haven’t been doing my homework actually. Just digesting my US eMetrics experience and taking care of my clients as well as the integration of a new team member to my little panEuropean Web Analytics business unit. Welcome Julien, our French team member. So busy, busy, or as Siegert would say with his smiling Flemish accent druk, druk, druk 😉

Visual Sciences - Visual Site Interface

But yes, of course, Visual Sciences. (more…)

How WebTrends will be positioned after the launch of WebTrends Analytics 8?

March 19, 2006

In early February Forrester issued a report about the Web Analytics market. That report positioned WebTrends as #1 in Market size and Strategy. If you see the graph below, you’ll see that regarding the current offering WebTrends was a little bit behind Visual Sciences and Omniture. But that was with Version 7.5!

Web Analytics Market in february 2006 - Source: Forrester

With version 8 which has been called MarketingLab, WebTrends takes a huge step forward and positions as #1 also regarding its current offering. (more…)