About us

WebAnalytics.be is a Business Unit of OX2, a pan-European Interactive Agency based in Brussels.
OX2 is Belgian leader in Web Analytics services.

In the past 6 years OX2’s team has accumulated consistent knowledge in 2 highly complimentary domains: development in Internet technologies and assessments of business models based on the Internet channel.
Today, these competences merge fully into a new competence called Web Analytics.

This has allowed the constitution of a special division baptised ‘Web Analytics European Dreamteam’.
The WAEDT is made out of a team of 4 complementary professionals that can take charge all aspects of a Web Analytics mission:

  • Install & Configuration of WebTrends, Google Analytics & Omniture
  • Audit of needs and important KPIs
  • Optimisation of existing Web Measurement initiative
  • Basic & Advanced Technical Trainings
  • Basic & Advanced Business Trainings
  • Specific Business Unit Workshops
  • Ad-hoc Trainings & Workshops on site
  • Web Analytics total outsourcing

Our team members:

Aurélie Pols - Web Analytics Team Leader - DutchSiegert Dierickx - Web Analytics & eCRM Specialist - Belgian

Julien Coquet - Web Analytics Specialist - FrenchGuillaume Hermans - Web Analytics Technical Specialist - Belgian

Our team will help you to better understand and implement Web Analytics within your organisation. Visit our website and if you would like to start the conversation with one of our team members in order to understand how Web Analytics can help you don’t hesitate to contact us.


4 Responses to “About us”

  1. Jade Says:

    Please help me. Since cookies are the primary means of creating analytic data, and since over 50% of people delete cookies, would you please help me understand — or point me in the right direction of — what might be on the horizon regarding the alternative to first-party cookies, or another solution to encourage the use of first-party cookies, as a method for continuing to track the website activity of visitors and returning visitors?

  2. Aurélie Pols Says:

    Hi Jade,

    I would glad to help out.
    First a few pointers, stricktly speaking, cookies are not really the primary means of creating analytic data but they are indeed helpful in measuring unique visitors (and ideally their return) on a public website, where they don’t register.
    Now, as to your assertion that 50% of people delete cookies, I’m afraid I can’t agree. First of all, where do you get this from and of which time frame are you talking about?

    I view returning visitors usually maximum on a quarterly basis and prefer not to exceed a monthly view. It also all depends upon your website. Media sites would prefer visitors to come back a couple of times a week, whereas an ecommerce site might be settling for 3 visits to close the online deal.

    So, yes, visitors delete cookies but not to such an extent in my experience. I however did hear some discussion about an option in Firefox 2 that might be an issue but it’s too soon to tell.

    So, what else is there on the horizon except for 1st party cookies?
    well, your plain log files (or those based on tags) can also recognise usernames and that can be used in order to pinpoint a user, if some kind of identification is needed to access your services.
    Don’t forget that a cookie, for a public site, only shows a machine actually and not a specific users, when we are talking about public sites as it remains a text file placed on the used machine. I use my laptop, my husbands laptop and my PC at the office so I’m actually 1 visitors but will be seen by public sites as 3 different visitors.

    You can also use IP adresses (but not ideal because of IP switching by providers) or a mixture of things such as OS, browser, etc.

    My suggestion would be not to focus on this deletion issue but to see how you get your visitors to identify themselves and leave some other trace on your website. And get your 1st party cookie right as it does diminish rejection rates.

    You should certainly also focus on your website’s goals. What are you actually trying to do and how can you link this with the information you can gather from your website?

    Last but not least, I would pick up a copy of Eric’s Hacks book: http://www.webanalyticsdemystified.com/web-analytics-books-commentary.asp

  3. Web Analytics Demystified » Blog Archive » I’m in Europe today and announcing my partnership with OX2 Says:

    […] on an ongoing basis. In central Europe the team I believed to be best suited to that work was Rene and Aurelie’s team at OX2 (the “Web Analytics Dream […]

  4. Ralf Haberich Says:

    Very nice magazines with You on the cover!

    ralf haberich.
    Web Analytics Europa Blog: http://www.webanalyticsblog.de

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