Web Analytics Leaders Team Up: IndexTools Certifies Experts at OX2 (Press Release)


IndexTools Strategic Alliance PartnerNEW YORK, NY November 19, 2007 – OX2, the Brussels-based interactive web agency reinforced its established position as an industry leader by building closer ties to online marketing analytics platform provider IndexTools. OX2 officially became IndexTools’ Strategic Alliance Partner in Belgium and the first company certified under IndexTools Certification Program. Two OX2 consultants passed detailed exams to qualify as a Certified Analyst and a Certified Deployment Specialist.

“OX2 has earned its place among the premiere Web Analytics experts in Europe,” said Dennis R. Mortensen, COO of IndexTools. “We’re extremely proud to strengthen our relationship.”

The partnership culminates years of close dialogue between the two firms. As a Strategic Partner, OX2 will work hand in hand with IndexTools in order to help their common clients benefit fully from the vast data rendered by the online channel and to provide tailor-made Web Analytics solutions to enterprise clients.

OX2 reported that joining the new partnership was no sudden move, but rather the latest development in a longer term, well-considered process. “We believe our independence adds tremendous value to our business,” said Ren� Dechamps Otamendi, CEO of OX2. “Before we agree on a partnership with a vendor, we want to be sure they will meet with the approval of our clients. In the case of IndexTools we liked that they have a European office with a strong familiarity of European business norms and culture, including European Web culture.”

Above all, it was IndexTools’ features that won him over, Dechamps explained. Comprehensive campaign management, support of different currencies and order reconciliation each add the flexibility and power that captured his attention. “These features made it clear that we were not dealing with a simple reporting and monitoring application,” he said, “but rather a real business tool, one squarely aimed at generating web-based revenue. I knew it would strengthen us, add value for our clients, and that we should get to know all about it, which is why we jumped at the chance to get certified.”

“With certified professionals now on board, OX2 can strengthen every link in the Web Analytics value chain,” Dennis R. Mortensen added. “We are pleased that Aurélie Pols, who is their marketing manager and a recognized Web Analytics expert in Europe, has been awarded our Certified Analyst title. IndexTools’ Certification enhances our partners’ performance by securing skills’ sets and instills confidence in those clients served by a certified analyst or firm. ” By coupling their training with hands-on experience using IndexTools on behalf of clients, the OX2 consultants achieved certification with flying colors. Several other OX2 personnel have lined up to take exams soon. For an agency that serves clients as diverse as European media giant RTL to the Belgian fast-food chains Panos & Deliway, OX2 clearly perceives IndexTools Certification and partnership as vital ingredients to its long-term success.

About OX2

Founded in 2003, OX2 is an interactive agency based in Brussels, Belgium. A European leader in the field of Web Analytics, OX2 also offers cutting edge expertise in design, development, marketing and online strategy. To support this excellence, OX2 can count, on top of their team of over 20 professionals, on 2 CMS solutions (Content Management System), OniSystem (especially designed for marketers) and OniPortal (designed for media and IT companies). OX2 can therefore provide companies with the right skills and the right tools to better interact with their potential customers. Among OX2’s clients are companies such as: Nestl� Belux, Toyota Europe, ACV-CSC, RTL, InBev, Panos, Stanley Europe, ING Europe, Corelio and AMP. OX2 is a member of the IAB and of the Web Analytics Association A WebTrends Premier Partner and a ATC (Authorized Training Center), OX2 is also the only European member of the WebTrends Insight Network (WIN). Furthermore, OX2 employs three certified Google Analytics Authorized Consultants and has partnerships with Omniture and Unica. More information about OX2 is available from www.ox2.be, www.webanalytics.be, www.onisystem.eu, https://webanalytics.wordpress.com and http://design.ox2.beh.

About IndexTools

IndexTools offers a highly customizable and scalable analytics platform for companies’ online marketing activity in each phase of the customer lifecycle. With IndexTools Web Analytics and Bid Management, businesses gain accurate, insightful and timely intelligence about the effectiveness of their online marketing.

IndexTools’ services have boosted the online performance of more than 3500 clients worldwide, including Tesco, Vodafone, PriceRunner, and Jamba.

IndexTools serves its worldwide client base directly and through a network of more than 200 local partners in over 25 countries around the globe. IndexTools was founded in 2000, operates from New York City, US and has an extensive Technology Development Center in Budapest, Hungary EU. IndexTools’ competitors include Webtrends, Visual Sciences (WebSideStory), Omniture and Coremetrics.

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