Web Analytics Video from BarCamp Buenos Aires (Spanish)


Here’s the video that we sent for the BarCamp event last week-end in Buenos Aires. I was requested to speak about the state of Web analytics in Europe and give some examples of things that we were doing with Web Analytics for our clients. As you can hear it’s in Spanish.

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  1. Webanalyticsbook » Web analytics links - four Says:

    […] Web Analytics Video from BarCamp Buenos Aires (Spanish) […]

  2. Ian Thomas Says:

    Jeez! I can’t believe you said so many stupid things. It’s a good thing none of your other blog readers can understand Spanish, or your reputation would be in tatters. But it’s ok – your secret is safe with me (and the 500 million Spanish-speakers out there).



  3. René Dechamps Otamendi Says:

    H Ian,

    Than you for keeping the secret… 😉


  4. pere rovira Says:

    wow, i knew you could read and write spanish, but i didn’t know you ARE spanish 🙂

    we should definitely meet one day… are you going to user experience barcelona in November? jim sterne will be talking there… we will have a booth there together with omniture, and are organising a dinner (in a good restaurant 🙂 with interesting companies for us to work with… you’re invited to come 🙂

  5. René Dechamps Otamendi Says:

    Hola Pere,

    Efectivamente soy originario de la tierra de Cervantes. Soy un cuarto belga y tres cuatos español (medio navarro y cuarto canario) 😉

    Please send me more info about this event. I’ll see if I can make it, I love Barcelona by night 😉

    Un codial saludo,


  6. Xavier Casanova Says:

    Let’s submit the true Spanish test…

    Eres del Barça o del Madrid?

    A ver a ver…


  7. René Dechamps Otamendi Says:

    Hola Xavier,

    Pues después de haber vivido casi 18 años en Madrid… del Barça tengo que confesarte que no soy 😉 A pesar que Aurélie sea holandesa y que tenga cierta afinidad por el equipo azulgrana.

    René (que está tranquilamente relajandose con su mujer en Lanzarote)

    P.S. Did I pass the test?

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