Web Analytics Day 2007 coverage


pic_docshevel.jpgI had made a comment on Rene’s thank you post but it didn’t give due credit and visibility to the different organizations, sites, blogs and other publications who were kind enough to help us spread the word and bring you to this very successful event. So here it is, thanks again, folks! 😀

I’ll separate our benefactors into two categories, the pre-event announcers and those who covered the event and gave their impressions of how it went.

Pre-event sites:

Coverage following the Web Analytics Day:

Again thanks to everyone who thought it was important to announce and report about what transpired of the Web Analytics Day.

Don’t forget, this is all about YOU, the practitioners, the consultants, the web enthusiasts, the ones who actually believe Internet and the Web can change the world for the better, one improvement at a time 🙂

So come back next year, tell your friends and help us spread the gospel of Web Analytics!

If I forgot someone in this list, please let me know!


The OX2 Web Analytics team:

Aurélie @ WADRené @ WADDave Rhee @ WADJulien @ WADGuillaume @ WADMehdi @ WAD
(left to right, to to bottom) Aurélie Pols, René Dechamps Otamendi, Dave Rhee, Julien Coquet, Guillaume Hermans, and Mehdi Laanaït


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  1. Francois Says:

    Tkx for the back link.

  2. Web Analytique & Optimisation » Des raisins et des web analystes Says:

    […] consacrĂ© au Web Analytique. Il n’y a rien Ă  ma connaissance, hormis peut-ĂȘtre la journĂ©e rĂ©cente Ă  Bruxelles, mais je crois bien que le tout s’est dĂ©roulĂ© en anglais. Ici au QuĂ©bec, il pourrait […]

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