In a few weeks…. eMetrics Washington!


eMetrics Washington 2007It’s becoming a little tradition to fly over to the US to attend the eMetrics Summits. In a few weeks in Washington Aurélie and I will be attending the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and we’re really looking forward. Aurélie will be presenting and I’ll be networking and attending the lobby bar as usual. And yes, don’t worry, I’ll bring the chocolates 😉

I’m really looking forward catching up with all our Web Analytics friends from the other side of the Atlantic (Eric, Jim, Avinash, Bryan, Clint, Stéphane, Ian, Joseph, Judah, Dylan, Andrea, Brian, June, Braden, …) but also some European friends that will also be making the trip as Vicky, Neil and Oliver.

If you’re serious about Web Analytics, this is the conference you need to attend. If you attended our Web Analytics Day and you enjoyed it, attend eMetrics you will be bluffed.

Here’s a little video that I hope will make you think about it:

If you can’t attend eMetrics Washington, you can also attend eMetrics Stockholm that we will be also attending and were Aurélie is also speaking 😉

I wanted also to announce that it’s our Design Department that has come up with the new eMetrics logo and the creatives used to advertise this event.

See you in Washington DC,


P.S. You can read previous posts about previous eMetrics Summits here.

8 Responses to “In a few weeks…. eMetrics Washington!”

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  2. Jim Sterne Says:

    René –
    So much to thank you for!

    Thank you for pointing people our way.
    Thank you for showing that video – I may never live it down.
    Thank you for redesigning the eMetrics log.
    Thank you for letting Aurélie come and present.
    Thank you for coming with her!
    Thank you for bringing the chocolate.
    And thank you for the most curious statement about the conference yet:
    “…attend eMetrics you will be bluffed.”


  3. René Dechamps Otamendi Says:

    Dear Godfather,

    Thank you for our kind words. Regarding my curious statement, I guess that I made up a meaning that dosen’t exist in english for the verb ‘to bluff’. In french you can use it to say that you will be amazed but stronger than that.

    When I wrote that sentence I remembered how one of our clients, Michaël Notté from Toyota Europe, reacted when he attended the eMetrics Summit in London this year. He was so excited and happy to see that many people passionate about Web Analytics that I think it was one of the best experiences he had this year. Do you remember when you pinned him? Well, you made his day! After the Conference Michaël has been advancing in his Web Analytics Journey driven by all the things he had seen and discussed in London.

    I hope that you’ll understand now what I meant, and sorry if I used the wrong word, but as you know English is my third language and as Aurélie says I should read more 😉

    See you in a few weeks!


  4. Julien Coquet Says:


    I think René meant something along the lines of ‘smitten’, ‘overwhelmed’ or ‘exquisitely surprised’ 😉


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  6. Dennis R. Mortensen Says:

    Hi Rene,

    See you both (at “home”) in Stockholm and in Washington. AND I am somewhat looking forward to the “Medal’s” Jim are handing out to Aurélie and I… ha ha..

    see you shortly

    Dennis R. Mortensen, COO at IndexTools
    My Web Analytics Blog

  7. René Dechamps Otamendi Says:


    I don’t know for the medal (it’s up to the Godfather), but you’ll have some Pierre Marcolini if you attend the Lobby Bar 😉

    CU in a few weeks,


  8. vickybrock Says:

    Hey – looking forward to seeing you in Washington!

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