Eric T. Peterson: ‘Web Analytics is Easy?’


For those of you who couldn’t attend our Web Analytics Day and enjoy Eric presenting, you can view hereunder a video taken at eDay in Rotterdam that features Eric’s Peterson presentation “Web Analytics is Easy” which was the first of the 3 presentations Eric did at our last week’s event.

2 Responses to “Eric T. Peterson: ‘Web Analytics is Easy?’”

  1. Eric T. Peterson Says:

    Aurelie and Rene, thanks for posting the video from last week! I had a fantastic time in Europe and Belgium and look forward to next Spring when I hope to return.


    Eric T. Peterson

  2. Aurélie Pols Says:


    The pleasure was all ours, you’re welcome any time and have fun with the great guys from Semphonic in Napa.
    Talk to you soon,

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