(Some) of my favorite vendors and speakers are coming, are you?


Web Analytics in EuropeThis is exciting, my little Web Analytics Business Unit could’t be happier with the upcoming Web Analytics Day to be held on September the 14th in Brussels!

We had some experience setting-up a Web Analytics Day back in 2005 and managed, in those early days to get almost 100 people to listen to what we had to say during workshops and conferences. This time around, man oh man, it’s going to be a ball!

Some of my favorite speakers are coming: Eric Peterson to talk about process!, KPIs & Web 2.0. Wandering Dave Rhee to discuss his favorite subject: Social Networks! and last but not least, the World Federation of Advertisers with its very own Stephan Loerke to discuss how Advertisers are becoming Accountable.

And it’s not all because we’re also going to let the vendors show off in order to fill you in on what they’ve been up to and how they see Web Analytics evolving. Omniture‘s going to surely show off Genesis while WebTrends will be presenting Marketing Lab 2 (ML² for those familiar with the topic), IndexTools‘ wonderful Dennis Mortensen will certainly crack a joke while assuring you his solution is the most cost effective one and flegmatic Ian Thomas from Microsoft will also be emphasizing his view upon Web Analytics… and free tools.  In addition we have also Nedstat, the biggest Dutch Web Analytics vendor who will be represented by Krist Verhelle and finally Extenseo, the leading SEO company in Belgium that will speak about Web Analytics & SEO.

But don’t forget, it’s also about the networking, about asking the questions you’ve always wondered about but were afraid to ask or blog about!
René’s in charge of food & cocktails so you can be sure all this exciting knowledge will be graciously floating on top of your cocktails. Hopefully, he’ll even think about the chocolates!
This is really a day about knowledge, about getting the most out of the online channel and the challenge we’ve all been embracing for many years now, building up an accountable society.

Join us, challenge us! Without you, we couldn’t made this wonderful European Dream Team happend!

Looking forward to meeting you on Friday the 14th of September at the Federation of Entreprises of Belgium. More information: www.webanalyticsday.eu.


4 Responses to “(Some) of my favorite vendors and speakers are coming, are you?”

  1. Jacques Warren Says:

    All the best to you guys, and have a wonderful event!

  2. Clint Says:

    WoW! Aurelie and Rene, are you having a WAW or a micro-summit? Sounds like a great event – too bad I am states-bound. 😦

  3. René Dechamps Otamendi Says:

    Thanks to both for your kind comments.
    Clint, to answer your question, no it’s not a WAW as it will last the whole day. You could say that it’s a micro-summit as I hope to rise the interest around Web Analytics to convince one day Jim and Matthew to host an eMetrics Summit in Brussels, the Capital of Europe 😉



  4. Dennis R. Mortensen Says:

    >>>(Some) of my favorite vendors and speakers are coming, are you?

    Of course we are. I have been on a diet for the last 3 weeks, getting ready for a red-bull chocolate trip overdose – making sure no one leaves without having touched the subject of web analytics tool ROI 🙂

    Se you shortly… I will of course come from WAW in Sweden 2 days before. AND you know that Lars throw some stellar events. So I have high expectations. He he


    Dennis R. Mortensen, COO at IndexTools
    My Web Analytics Blog

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