Web Analytics Association Webcast: Eric Peterson


Web Analytics Association Premiere Corporate LogoFor those of you who won’t be able to attend our Web Analytics Day the next September 14th, you can nevertheless attend Eric Peterson Presentation ‘Web Analytics is easy!’ through a Web analytics Association Webcast that will take place on August 29th. Please note that this exclusive event is open to WAA members only: another good reason to become a member 😉

Event details:

“Web Analytics is Easy!”

When: Wednesday, Aug 29th
Time: 19:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)
How: Register Online
Registration Deadline: Tuesday, Aug 28th
Cost: Free

Available Exclusively for WAA Members!

Join Eric T. Peterson, consultant, practitioner, and best-selling Web analytics author as he outlines his strategy for making Web analytics easy! Based on volumes of recently collected data and nearly a decade in the field, Mr. Peterson will demystify many problems common to Web analytics and get your company headed in the right direction.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the volume of metrics and reports that analytics professionals receive every day, but if you set specific goals and can avoid some of the common mistakes, web analytics can positively transform your organization. Regardless of the technology you use or your level of experience with Web analytics, this is a must-see Web analytics presentation.

At the end of the webcast, Mr. Peterson will be available for an extended Q&A session EXCLUSIVELY for Web Analytics Association members.

This interactive webcast is presented by the Web Analytics Association for WAA members only, and is sponsored by eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit and Web Analytics Demystified.

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