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iGoogle & Google Analytics KPIs

August 31, 2007

Thanks to Michael Whittaker‘s team at Monitus, the Analytics KPI module for Google Homepage (aka iGoogle) can now be used multiple times in one given iGoogle tab!

Monitus AnalyticsIndex

Alan Boydell of Google Analytics France first pointed me to this nifty little tool (in French) but at first I got frustrated because I could not use more than one reportlet in my iGoogle page. Yes i was pushing my luck but hey, you can’t blame me for trying 😉

Anyhow, Michael was very quick to react to my comment and presto, three days later his team had put together a fix 😀

If you like Google Analytics and would like to have your KPIs right when you open your browser, this module is for you!

KPI customization appears to be in their plans so watch this space, we’ll cover it when it’s released.

Tip: if you still like to have your news feeds and other gadgets, create a new tab dedicated to your GA reportlets. By the way if anyone knows how to bookmark an iGoogle tab, please let me know 😉




Microsoft Gatineau at our Web Analytics Day

August 29, 2007


Now that Eric has posted about this in the Web Analytics Yahoo Groups, I can share with you that the next 14th of September, during our Web Analytics Day, Ian Thomas, responsible of the Microsoft Gatineau project, will be doing the first public demo of the Bêta version of Gatineau.

If you’re in the Web Analytics Industry, you already know about Gatineau as many Blogs (including ours) have been talking about this product these past months.  If you’re not familiar with it, Gatineau is the future FREE Web Analytics tool of Microsoft.  So a competitor of Google Analytics.

Why is it interesting?  (more…)

(Some) of my favorite vendors and speakers are coming, are you?

August 28, 2007

Web Analytics in EuropeThis is exciting, my little Web Analytics Business Unit could’t be happier with the upcoming Web Analytics Day to be held on September the 14th in Brussels!

We had some experience setting-up a Web Analytics Day back in 2005 and managed, in those early days to get almost 100 people to listen to what we had to say during workshops and conferences. This time around, man oh man, it’s going to be a ball!

Some of my favorite speakers are coming: Eric Peterson to talk about process!, KPIs & Web 2.0. Wandering Dave Rhee to discuss his favorite subject: Social Networks! and last but not least, the World Federation of Advertisers with its very own Stephan Loerke to discuss how Advertisers are becoming Accountable.

And it’s not all because we’re also going to let the vendors show off in order to fill you in on what they’ve been up to and how they see Web Analytics evolving. Omniture‘s going to surely show off Genesis while WebTrends will be presenting Marketing Lab 2 (ML² for those familiar with the topic), IndexTools‘ wonderful Dennis Mortensen will certainly crack a joke while assuring you his solution is the most cost effective one and flegmatic Ian Thomas from Microsoft will also be emphasizing his view upon Web Analytics… and free tools.  In addition we have also Nedstat, the biggest Dutch Web Analytics vendor who will be represented by Krist Verhelle and finally Extenseo, the leading SEO company in Belgium that will speak about Web Analytics & SEO.

But don’t forget, it’s also about the networking, about asking the questions you’ve always wondered about but were afraid to ask or blog about!
René’s in charge of food & cocktails so you can be sure all this exciting knowledge will be graciously floating on top of your cocktails. Hopefully, he’ll even think about the chocolates!
This is really a day about knowledge, about getting the most out of the online channel and the challenge we’ve all been embracing for many years now, building up an accountable society.

Join us, challenge us! Without you, we couldn’t made this wonderful European Dream Team happend!

Looking forward to meeting you on Friday the 14th of September at the Federation of Entreprises of Belgium. More information:


Web Analytics Standards by the WAA

August 24, 2007

Web Analytics Association Premiere Corporate LogoThis quick note to let you know that the Standards Committee of the Web Analytics Association (WAA) has released 26 new definitions of Web Analytics standards.

The new definitions:

Building Block Terms:
Page, Page Views, Visits, Unique Visitors, New Visitor, Repeat Visitor, Repeat Visitor & Returning Visitor

Visit Characterization:
Entry Page, Landing Page, Exit Page, Visit Duration, Referrer, Internal Referrer, External Referrer, Search Referrer, Visit Referrer, Original Referrer, Click-through, Click-through Rate/Ratio, Page Views per Visit

Content Characterization:
Page Exit Ratio, Single-Page Visits, Single Page View Visits (Bounces), Bounce Rate

Conversion Metrics:
Event, Conversion

You may download the document with the definitions here. According to Avinash, member of the Committee, the comments for each of the definitions are really interesting and worth reading 😉

Exclure son trafic dans Google Analytics (1ère partie)

August 20, 2007

Attention, cet article porte sur l'”ancien” code Google Analytics avec urchin.js!!

Il y a quelques temps déjà, Mehdi et moi avions discuté d’un petit plug-in pour exclure notre propre trafic de nos rapports Google Analytics.

Bien sûr vous me direz:

“Oui, mais ne t’en fais pas Julien, il suffit d’exclure son adresse IP! Regarde dans les options de ton profil!”

et vous aurez raison… pendant quelques minutes tout du moins 🙂

En effet, cette méthode d’exclusion d’adresse IP ou de plages d’adresses IP peut être un des remèdes à votre problème, sauf dans le cas où vous vous trouvez derrière un pare-feu ou si votre adresse IP n’est pas fixe.

Que faire dans ces deux cas précis? Voici un petit truc d’expert certifié Google Analytics Authorized Consultant 😉


BEL20 & Web Analytics

August 13, 2007

CAC40 & Web analyticsHere is the latest instalment in our WA Indexes series: the BEL20 index, which comprises the 20 most significant public companies in Belgium.

Well, 19 really, since Barco was taken off the index on March 1st, 2007 and the vacant slot hasn’t been filled as of today.

As with previous reports, let us start things up with an overview of which company uses which tool… (more…)

Web Analytics Association Webcast: Eric Peterson

August 11, 2007

Web Analytics Association Premiere Corporate LogoFor those of you who won’t be able to attend our Web Analytics Day the next September 14th, you can nevertheless attend Eric Peterson Presentation ‘Web Analytics is easy!’ through a Web analytics Association Webcast that will take place on August 29th. Please note that this exclusive event is open to WAA members only: another good reason to become a member 😉

Event details: (more…)

Web Analytics for your European branches

August 7, 2007

European Flag + windIf you are a regular follower of the Web Analytics Yahoo! User Group, you may have caught the latest debate on the necessity of using and mastering foreign languages in order to enrich and broaden your Web Analytics experience and competency. While the debate was initiated by someone from Germany, most of the audience in the forum is US-based.

Take no offense, but I like to think we Euros have more foreign language exposure in our own continent than in Northern America. As a quick reminder, Europe is a continental block that spans over 40 countries and more than 15 different languages. How is that for diversity? 😉


De la mesure des différentes sources de trafic

August 6, 2007

media typesA moins que vous ne fassiez la promotion de votre site Web exclusivement sur le Web, vous vous êtes sans doute déjà rendu compte que le suivi de vos visiteurs provenant de sources autres qu’Internet (off-line) est un vrai casse-tête.

Aurélie me parlait l’autre jour d’une discussion sur une émission de télévision dont la vidéo est disponible sur le site de l’émission. Les internautes peuvent ensuite discuter de l’émission sur le forum du site.

Une question intéressante à se poser était: quelle est la proportion des utilisateurs du forum qui visitent le site après avoir regardé l’émission à la télévision? par rapport aux purs internautes qui ne font que consommer du contenu en ligne : vidéo de l’émission et forum ? A l’époque du Web 2.0 et des interactions qui y sont développées, la notion de capture d’évènements et l’importance de l’identification de ses visiteurs deviennent vitales.

D’où une question plus globale : comment identifer chaque type de population, chaque segment utilisateur en fonction de leur provenance et de leur activité sur un site Web?


Eric Peterson + Aurélie Pols = Web Analytics Day Brussels (14/09/07)

August 1, 2007

pic_docshevel.jpgAs you might have read here these previous days, OX2 is organising with Eric Peterson and Web Analytics Demystified a Web Analytics Day on the 14th of September 2007.

This unique day is intended for practitioners in Web Analytics wanting to increase their knowledge in the subject. Eric and Aurélie along with Stephan Loerke, Managing Director of the World Federation of Advertisers and David Rhee, Web Analytics Director at Gateway Computers will share with you their knowledge around Web Analytics. This is your perfect chance to learn all you need to know to get started efficiently in your Web Analytics Journey. Register today!

You can register directly (seats are limited) on You can also find hereafter the agenda of that event.

Web Analytics Day Brussels 2007