Do you wonder where Web Analytics is/was Hot?


A couple of weeks ago, I was looking at some BBC program about Paris and I was surfing through our blog in paralel when I stopped at the Google Trends post I wrote last year. Then I went back to the tool and I was intrigued to see the evolution of the trends of certain terms.

Follow this link: Google Tends search about Web Analytics (red), WebTrends (blue) & Omniture (orange)


You’ll see the evolution in time of the three terms. Interesting to see that according to this tool, the countries that search the most Web Analytics are: India, Singapore, US & Canada (note that second language is Dutch!). In the same screen you can also see the other terms (WebTrends & Omniture) and it’s funny to see that it seems that Japan is very interested in Web Analytics tools as WebTrends & Omniture. I remember John Marshal telling Aurélie and I last year at Emetrics Washington that asians use WA tools 6 times more than the average american customer… Makes you think… 😉 It’s also funny to see the picks of WebTrends & Omniture in Portland & Salt Lake City.

Historicaly, we can say that WebTrends was more ‘popular’ than Omniture. But now let’s dig a bit further:

Let’s compare by years:

googletrends2004.png2004: Mmmm, it only works if I change the order of the terms and I put WebTrends at the begining. Otherwise I get an error message…
As the three terms seem to have news coverage, only WebTrends outstands in search terms. Most interested countries seem to be: India, US, UK, & Canada. Regarding languages we find English, Welsh, Hebrew & Icelandic. And of course main city is… Portland followed by London.

googletrends2005.png2005: Now we have the three in the search graph. WebTrends is still ahead. The only moment ‘Web Analytics’ takes the lead is when Google Analytics was launched, but it didn’t last. Top countries are: India, US, Canada & UK (Mmmm, India again). Regarding the languages, the top 4 is composed of  English, Finnish, Hungarian & Czech. Four cities are very closed at the top: San Diego, San Francisco, New York & London.

googletrends2006.png2006: WebTrends leads. Regardig countries, the top 4 is India, United States, Canada & UK. Languages are English, Dutch, Italian & French. Southern european countries seem to wake up (as the Dutch).

For 2007 we don’t have enough data.

It’s also funny that you can also filter by regions but it only seems to work for the US (what a pity, we won’t be able to have a look at the whole Europe…). Petition to Google: don’t you want to include Europe as a region and countries as sub regions?

So what can we say from this little game? English speaking countries seem being the most constant in the field, but other pockets of excellence as Jim calls them seem to exist in other parts of the world as India, Japan, Israel? (Hebrew in 2004 – early adopter?). Countries as The Netherlands, France or Italy seem to have started to pay attention in 2006 after the launch of GA. I bet that the market share of GA in these countries is higher than in countries like the US or Canada.

What do you think? Have you done your experiments?


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    Great analysis you are sharing with us. Thanks to post this important analysis of web analytic craze.

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