OX2 Google Analytics Authorized Consultant


Google Analytics Authorized Consultant

It’s official!

This evening I finally received an email from Brian Clifton, he confirmed us that we were officially Google Analytics Authorized Consultants (GAAC). We are very proud to be the first and (for the moment) only Google Analytics Partners in Belgium.

google_analytics_training_package_ox2_gaac.jpgHere’s a 2 pages advert that we are going to publish in the next Inside issue (Inside is the leadig belgian Internet Business Magazine). So if you’re interested in some Google Analytics Consulting Services don’t hesitate to contact Julien.

These next weeks are going to be interesting, I remember Robbin comments regarding the telephone that was ringing all the time when they became GAAC… So we’ll see how it goes, the only thing that I can promise you is that we will follow the rule of first arrived, first served and try to staff as quickly as possible if necessary.

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  1. Robbin Steif Says:

    Congratulations! (And enter my contest — I need your criticisms!)


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