Exciting new features for Google Analytics


Google Analytics logoGoogle Analytics logoSo I hadn’t checked the latest Analytics blog post before I posted a blurb on my personal blog about how URLs and referrers are now clickable in Google Analytics. Then it hit me with all of its reporting goodness:
new bells and whistles had been added to Google Analytics 😀

New features:

Reports now extend to 500 rows up from 100 in the previous release


Network location segmentation! Yes!! I was so disappointed when my previous post on competitive analysis was derailed by the notion of content vs Ad Content. Now you can segment your ISP by whatever field you want, even user-defined. Watch out competitors, we know where you look on our site! 😉
ganetworkseg.jpg (click for larger view)

Clickable URLs (includes referrer URLs)

Definitely a sizeable usability boost; up to now you had to copy/paste URLs from two screens (domain + URI) to get direct access to a referrer.

I for one am a huge fan of this new feature.

Hourly reporting is back, for those of you who want to evaluate your site’s performance across a business day. Definitely a nice to have feature.

Improved Bounce rates now reflect changes more accurately by using green instead of red when bounce rates go down ; nice catch Avinash! 😉

Other features are mentioned, such as: Adwords integration, more search engines recognized, better help in the report Email section.

All in all, a great update, keep them coming! 😀


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  2. Luke Says:

    Thanks for the great insight Julien – It just hit me as well!

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