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Looking for Google Analytics Professional Services and/or Support?

June 26, 2007

Google Analytics Authorized ConsultantGoogle Analytics Authorized ConsultantAs you might already know OX2 is the only Google Analytics Authorized Consultant in Belgium. As our aim as always been to expand the knowledge and use of Web Analytics, since the launch of OX2 we have been supporting this product.

In order to help companies in the use of Google Analytics we have created 2 different packages that I’ll explain hereunder:

Google Analytics by OX2: Set Up & Introduction

  • Google Analytics account set up and fine-tuning of settings.
  • Google AdWords linking and integration.
  • Full implementation document containing appropriate tagging parameters for your site.
  • Introduction presentation.
  • Extra information and support in the form of a credit of 2 hours with our ticketing system.

>>> Download the Google Analytics by OX2 Set Up & Introduction Sheet (PDF)

Google Analytics Advanced Training by OX2

  • 1 day training session with advanced insight into Google analytics’ features and reporting capabilities.
  • Topics Covered:
    – Implementation best practices
    – Report usage and interpretation
    – Commerce and campaign tracking
    – Advanced tips & tricks
  • Extra training and support in the form of a credit of 2 hours with our ticketing system.

>>> Download Google Analytics Advanced Training by OX2 Sheet (PDF)

Of course these are standard services, but we can assist you with more custom consulting depending on your needs. You can then consult of list of Web Analytics consulting services on our Web Analytics website or contact us directly. And we can also provide you with Support through our Ticketing System.

Last but not least, we also have created a third package around Google Optimizer:

Google Optimizer Training by OX2

  • 1 day training session.
  • Topics covered:
    – Introduction to multi-variate testing (MVT)
    – Optimizer implementation best practices.
    – Integration with Google Adwords and Google Analytics.
    – Analyzing reports and acting upon them.
  • Extra training and follow-up support in the form of a credit of 2 hours with our ticketing system.

>>> Download Google Optimizer Training by OX2 Sheet (PDF)

Google Analytics: De l’importance des referrers complets

June 25, 2007

Comme vous vous en apercevez peut-être quand vous consultez vos rapports, les sites externes qui amènent du trafic vers votre site (aussi appelés referrers ou sites référants ou de provenance) sont très souvent des sites dynamiques.

Quand vous essayez de mesurer l’activité provenant d’un catalogue produit, d’un site communautaire, d’un blog ou d’un forum, il y a de fortes chances que l’URL des pages de provenance contienne des caractères cabalistiques auquels vous ne comprenez rien et ce même si cette page a un titre tout à fait orthodoxe.

Par exemple, si vous recevez du trafic depuis

il est très probable que vous ne puissiez pas reconnaître le document à première vue 😉

La plupart des outils de Web Analytique permettent de visualiser l’intégralité du referrer.

Ce n’est pas le cas de Google Analytics car la façon de stocker l’URI du referrer est tronquée après le point d’interrogation ‘?’ qui marque le début de la chaîne de requête (querystring). (more…)

Web Strategy Show by Jeremiah: Aurélie & René

June 23, 2007

The 7th of May, when we were attending the Emetrics Summit in San francisco, Jeremiah interviewed us for his Video Show: Web Strategy.

We discuss wuth Jeremiah around different topics as: web agencies, niche interactive agencies, full service agencies, Web Analytics and accountability.
Despite the jetlag we managed to make some sense 😉

Here’s the video:

[podtech content= &totalTime=868000&breadcrumb=65823c18404346d69cceae1b5b74f8db]

Safari pour Windows: un signe des temps

June 20, 2007

SafariApple vient finalement de lancer la semaine dernière, son navigateur web Safari sur la plateforme Windows.
Non, vous n’avez pas mal lu, il y avait bien “Safari” et “Windows” dans la même phrase.

On peut donc s’attendre à une prise de rendez-vous massive de poules chez leur dentiste 😉

Plus sérieusement, Apple fait un grand pas en avant et cette avancée aura sans doute des répercussions intéressantes sur le monde du Web.

OX2 Google Analytics Authorized Consultant

June 13, 2007

Google Analytics Authorized Consultant

It’s official!

This evening I finally received an email from Brian Clifton, he confirmed us that we were officially Google Analytics Authorized Consultants (GAAC). We are very proud to be the first and (for the moment) only Google Analytics Partners in Belgium.

google_analytics_training_package_ox2_gaac.jpgHere’s a 2 pages advert that we are going to publish in the next Inside issue (Inside is the leadig belgian Internet Business Magazine). So if you’re interested in some Google Analytics Consulting Services don’t hesitate to contact Julien.

These next weeks are going to be interesting, I remember Robbin comments regarding the telephone that was ringing all the time when they became GAAC… So we’ll see how it goes, the only thing that I can promise you is that we will follow the rule of first arrived, first served and try to staff as quickly as possible if necessary.

If you’re interested in Google Analytics,
check our previous posts about GA:

Exciting new features for Google Analytics

June 13, 2007

Google Analytics logoGoogle Analytics logoSo I hadn’t checked the latest Analytics blog post before I posted a blurb on my personal blog about how URLs and referrers are now clickable in Google Analytics. Then it hit me with all of its reporting goodness:
new bells and whistles had been added to Google Analytics 😀

New features:

Reports now extend to 500 rows up from 100 in the previous release

ga500rows.jpg (more…)

Web Analytics: Four Gurus For You (4G4U) – WAA (5min video preview)

June 11, 2007

Well here is as promised a preview of the Four Gurus For You Session that took place last may in San Francisco during the Emetrics Summit. As you might know the International Committee of the Web Analytics Association organized an online event during the Emetrics Summit. This session intended to the WAA members that couldn’t attend Emetrics presented the 4 most renowned Gurus in Web Analytics answering questions from people attending the event (even virtually).

The Gurus from left to right were:

Jim Sterne / Bryan Eisenberg / Eric T. Peterson / Avinash Kaushik

Here’s a 5 minutes excerp from this session:

Hungry for more?

Very shortly Brian will publish over an hour of video in the WAA website. Access to the videos will be granted only to WAA members, so here’s a good reason to become a member! For about 100 euros per year, you will have the opportunity to pick the brains of these 4 Gurus and learn what are their views in Web Analytics.

On the goship side, you will see for example Avinash throwing his mobile and even hurting himself with the table.

Don’t miss this opportunity and become a member of the WAA today! And if you like this kind of stuff, please state that it was one of the reasons you joined the WAA (we’ll make some more if there’s enough positive feed-back).


P.S. I haven’t selected this excerpt because it was my question, well in part only 😉 ; but also because it explains the 10/20/70 rule that Eric has explained in details recently in his Blog.

Eric Peterson at PodTech: Web Analytics Guru on Measurement, Engagement and Attention

June 10, 2007

Find here after the interview done by Jeremiah of Eric a few weeks ago. Eric speaks about engagement and measuring the Web 2.0

[podtech content=]

You’ll find more information on his website @ First Dutch WebAnalyticsCongres – Online & Offline Correlation

June 6, 2007

Kieskeurig.nlI’ve been all over Europe lately, scouting out Web Analytics talent, as anyone in the sector looking to hire and push forward this great line of work we’re all in aka Web Analytics. I have to admit that my home country, the Netherlands, had never been really high on the list, for several reasons. I won’t go into that.
To my astonishment, I did however witness last week during the “Eerste Nederlandse Webanalyticscongres” some high level activity going on over there and already blogged a couple of days ago about Postbank as banking remains close to my heart.
I did want to go into what I learned from an interesting guy called Bert Wiggers, who’s reponsible for different websites such as, and the topic of this post,

So, what is Kieskeurig? (more…)