OX2 Partners with Web Analytics Demystified Inc.


Today we are happy to announce our latest partnership with Web Analytics Demystified and Eric T. Peterson.

Press Release:

Web Analytics Demystified and OX2 Partner to Provide World-Class Analytics to European Clients

Brussels, May 31st, 2007 — OX2, the Belgian interactive agency – a leader in the field of online behaviour measurement and analysis, otherwise known as Web Analytics (short: WA) – announces its partnership with Web Analytics Demystified, Inc., recently founded by international web analytics thought leader Eric T. Peterson. The objective of this partnership is to offer in Europe a complete range of Web Analytics solutions that include both auditing and services for most WA solutions. Furthermore, this partnership is a unique opportunity for European clients to benefit from Eric T. Peterson’s world-renowned experience.

While worldwide sales of WA solutions for 2007 total over 515 million US dollars, nearly 80% of European companies do not have enough human resources at their disposal to benefit from Web Analytics technologies, and only 7% of European companies have set up procedures to maximise Web Analytics results and improve their online business. « Given the substantial global investment in web measurement technology » says Eric Peterson, CEO of Web Analytics Demystified, Inc. « we at Web Analytics Demystified and our partners at OX2 see a significant opportunity to help companies improve their use of web analytics. »
OX2 and Web Analytics Demystified Inc. join forces to offer services ranging from appropriate metric, report, and key performance indicator design; appropriate staffing and resource deployment models; the evaluation of corporate business processes critical to web analytics; data integration (online/offline) modelling; and OX2’s speciality, the fully outsourced analysis and reporting of measurement data leading to actionable recommendations.
« Conventional wisdom says that the American market is more advanced and matured when it comes to Web Analytics, however recently presented data from Mr. Peterson shows Europe is quickly catching up in many regards. This partnership with a globally recognized authority on Internet measurement allows us to extend the strength our Web Analytics team brings to our clients » adds René Dechamps Otamendi, CEO of OX2. « Furthermore, Aurélie Pols (Web Analytics Team Leader at OX2) is the only European on Web Analytics Demystified, Inc.’s Board of Advisors, further deepening OX2’s relationship with Mr. Peterson. »

« In Europe, OX2 was the clear choice for a business partner, and I very much look forward to working with OX2 clients » says Eric Peterson, CEO of Web Analytics Demystified, Inc. « Mr. Dechamps’ keen business skills coupled with Mrs. Pols deep understanding of the challenges faced by companies investing in WA technology and her management of the “Web Analytics Dream Team” creates, in my mind, a superior coupling of companies. »

About Web Analytics Demystified, Inc.

Web Analytics Demystified, founded in 2007 by Web Analytics Demystified author and former JupiterResearch analyst Eric T. Peterson, provides objective guidance to companies striving to realize the full potential of their web measurement strategy, bridging the gap between technology and business strategy. Web Analytics Demystified provides multi-day strategic consulting engagements, workshops, and staffing support services for companies looking to hire dedicated web analytics professionals.

For more information on Eric T. Peterson and Web Analytics Demystified, please visit www.webanalyticsdemystified.com or email eric.peterson AT webanalyticsdemystified.com.

About OX2
Founded in 2003, OX2 is an interactive agency based in Brussels. A Belgian leader in Web Analytics, OX2 also offers valuable expertise in consulting, design as well as online and offline marketing and strategy.
OX2 is a team of over 20 professionals and publishes its own CMS (Content Management System) solutions: OniSystem (an online e-marketing platform) and OniPortal (for media and IT companies).
OX2 offers both the means, skills and tools to interact and satisfy their potential clients.
Among OX2 clients are companies such as: Nestlé, Toyota Europe, ING Europe, PWC Belgium, RTL, InBev, Panos, Stanley Europe, Bridgestone Europe, Vers l’Avenir (Corelio) and AMP.

OX2 is a member of IAB and of the Web Analytics Association.
A WebTrends Premier Partner and ATC (Authorized Training Center), OX2 is also the only European member of the WebTrends Insight Network (WIN).


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