Emetrics San Francisco: The Bloggers table (videos)


Before the Emetrics Robbin Steif launched the great idea to make a table (or more) with Bloggers on Monday the 7th, so after the keynote speaches and morning presentations, Aurélie and I went to join Robbin as promised. The table in which we sat was too small to allow all of us to be in one table, but nevertheless we crunched as sardines to allow a maximum of us to join (we were 12 in table for 8 people).

I remember Ian Thomas complaining (joking) that there wasn’t room for him, but we then crunched again to make some more room.
From my right here is the list of people that was sited on our table:

Ian (Thomas)
Ian (Houston)
Aurélie & I (filming)

I had brought my camera with me and I did a few video of our conversations. And Chris had been doing his homework and brought questions for the rest of us. Thanks Chris, this was a great idea!

Watch the 20 minutes of discussion (uncensored!)…:

Here’s the first part:

And here’s the second part:

Thank you guys for sharing some of your ideas and I hope that you readers will find these videos interesting. It was really nice to catch up with everybody and let’s do the same thing in Washington!


PS. Sorry for the delay but I had a problem with one of the videos

6 Responses to “Emetrics San Francisco: The Bloggers table (videos)”

  1. Jacques Warren Says:

    Great initiative!

    I couldn’t attend the EMetrics, and this made me feel I was a little bit there.

    Thanks René.

  2. Adrien Says:


    thanks a lot.

  3. Robbin Steif Says:

    This was brilliant. When you pulled out your camera, I didn’t understand at first, but it is so great to see it again. Watching it again actually reminds me that the blogging lunch was really a high point of the Summit (I guess that is what Summits are all about, high points? Maybe next year they can call it the Apex.)

  4. Back from traveling - Emetrics wrap up at visioactive Says:

    […] you haven’t checked it out yet. Rene also posted the videos of one of the bloggers tables from the birds of a feather lunch. (I’m the one sitting to the left of Eric […]

  5. Daniel Waisberg Says:

    Very insightful videos, I really enjoyed! Thank you for taking the effort to film and post it for those who live across the Atlantic and could take the time ($) to join this great event.

  6. judah Says:

    Next time I’m rescheduling my work meeting! Looked/sounded like good stuff!

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