29 for the 6th time at Emetrics San Francisco


Candle in a muffinFinally home and settled in after a very long week in San Francisco. Still a bit jet lagged and Bruno was nice enough to remind me this morning that per hour difference, I should count on 1 full day to get used to European timing again so I’m figuring that within 7 days, all should be fine again with my internal clock. One only hopes! as I’m leaving for London again next week.

eric_aurelie_avinash_bryan_waa_meeting_san_francisco_2007.jpgFirst of all, it’s been a fabulous experience in San Fran thanks to the likes of Jim, Avinash and of course Eric. Truely this experience beats my last 29th birthday for the 2nd time, when I decided to hop over to Shangai to check out the scenary in China some 5 years ago. Having 500 people singing happy birthday to you and one of the major Web Analytics gurus taking time out of his presentation to put “that poor woman on stage” is a memory I’ll always cherish. Thank you for that, for your support and dedication to this passionate field. I’m sure we’ll all experience some very interesting times ahead and I’m really looking forward to future collaborations.

jim_aurelie_san_francisco_2007.jpgAs Jim Sterne, our very own Godfather, said to all of us at the end of the summit “You guys rock!” and I couldn’t agree more. Emetrics is a place where I feel a lot less lonely in daily battles for accountability and actually get a feeling that we can change the world.
So, indeed, all these people rock, discuss, say Happy Birthday (thank you again) and push this industry forward, like never before. It’s really great to be surrounded by so many smart and curious people!

Jim’s Big Picture keynote was delivered with class and even though I’ve witnessed the 3rd one -together with Dennis from Indextools -, there’s always some little surprise just around the corner. This time around it seems that competitive intelligence suddenly found a place to nest, outside of Avinash’s presentation 😉
I moved on to listen to Jason Burby & Shane Atchison – the ZAAZ boys – talk about monetizing & prioritizing opportunities to move to action, a fascinating presentation that conforted me in the mail I sent last week to one of my clients, outlining the money they were leaving on the table due to lack of focus and prioritisation. Thank you ZAAZ boys, you’ve always been a beacon of light and I’m sure Nathalie from BO will agree with me on that one 😉

avinash_ian_robbin_bloggers_table_emetrics_san_francisco_2007.jpgThe first Birds of Feather lunch was great, where we joined the bloggers table but I’ll leave that to René as he has a great recording of this discussion with all the famous girls (& galls, yeap Robbin). Chris from Juice Analytics even came with a list of questions, which was great. I was really happy to hear I’m not the only one struggling with the “blogging voice”.

The gurus presentations were fabulous, each in their own, independent ways 😉 Couldn’t leave that one lying! Eric was electrifying, Avinash humble and Bryan pragmatic. A fine trio that became a quatuor very early in the morning of Wednesday. Vicky Brock was pumped up with excitement about the success of this last minute venture, a great achievement for the WAA’s International Committee!
I also took a couple of peaks at the public sector tracks, lead by Alex Langshur and Tim Hart‘s beautiful display of Getty wonders. I must admit that the first time I saw James Ensors’ entry in Brussels back in Washington on one of Tim’s slides, I was already sold. Who can blame me? Brussels is my adoptive town after all.

Mars Disarmed by VenusTim strook a cord with his “I’ll be your Mars if you’ll be my Venus” slide, supported by The Return from War: Mars Disarmed by Venus, a collaborative work between Ruben and Brueghel depicting 2 non-profits exchanging visit metrics.

Or as Andrew Taylor, director of Bolz Center for Arts Administration put it “We do things that count. Much of it can’t be counted. But the effort to discern, evaluate, measure, and assess is part of what keeps us connected. Let’s make it an open and dynamic element of how we do our work“.

Another surprise at the Emetrics was a young fellow that goes by the name of Judah and his partner in crime, Ian. An interesting presentation where acronyms such as SOA & BPM found there way on From Pages to Events presentation (yeap, Web 2.0).
This reminded me of a Jim Novo post As if BI, BA, BPM, BAM and CPM were not enough… Also such an interesting fellow, with funny shirts 😉

aurelie_karen_megan_matt_webtrends_diner_san_francisco_2007.jpgLast but not least, the diners. Thanks to Karen from WebTrends, I finally met Matt Jacobs and am looking forward to understanding more about his work at Digitas. And of course the Brazilian restaurant where not only the caipirinha were worth the detour. But that’s censured 😉

As always, the Emetrics is an intellectual but also spiritual treat, thanks to all those smart and generous people attending as well as our fine hosts, Jim Sterne & Matthew Finlay.
As a well renowned Swiss chocolate maker said “Quelques grammes de finesse dans un monde de brutes“. Thank you all for an unforgivable birthday.

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