The Emetrics Lobby Bar – San Francisco 2007


godfather_jim_stepping_out_lobby_bar_with_jim_novo.jpgIf you attended Emetrics, chances are that you heard about the Lobby Bar and that you have attended to one of the sessions.
The concept is rather simple, every night after dinner, people meet at the Lobby Bar (the bar of the Hotel). I have to admit that I’m a huge fan of this and this week I attended all the sessions from Saturday night to friday night.

It’s great to network with other Industry professionals and we really have all the profiles (Vendors, Consultants, Practitioners, and of course our Godfather).

At San Francisco, as the Hotel bar was closing at midnight, we continued the reunion in a bar just across the street that hopefully stayed open until 2am.

I warmly encourage the attendees of future Emetrics Summits to join us at the Bar 😉

Thursday night, after having a wonderful dinner at a Brazilian restaurant with Andrea, Jim, Matthew and Aurélie we launched a new concept: the last day at the Lobby Bar it’s chocolates time! But not any chocolates: Belgian Marcolini’s chocolates! I’m sure that all that attended our wedding have memories arising (Mmmm Marcolini!)

So I guess that as from now on I’ll have to get some belgian chocolates to end each Summit we attend 😉

On Friday night Aurélie and I seem to be the only ones left at the Hotel, so after a great dinner at a Japanese restaurant, we went to the Bar to have our last drink before going to bed as we had to catch up an early flight on saturday morning and get back to our normal life.

See you at the Lobby Bar of Emetrics Washington 😉

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  1. Dennis R. Mortensen Says:

    I had three pieces of chocolate so far (from the box you guys brought over)… and I am addicted already! – But I guess I can re-supply at Washington Emetrics. 🙂

    Dennis R. Mortensen, COO at IndexTools
    My Web Analytics Blog – and my Emetrics SF comments

  2. René Dechamps Otamendi Says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Glad you liked the chocolates and indeed you’ll have the opportunity to taste more at Washington if you join us at the Lobby Bar 😉

    Glad also to have chatted with you again.


    P.S. Readers, if you don’t know Dennis, visit his blog. Is one of the only Vendors that mantain a great Web Analytics blog!

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