For Gurus For You: An experiment! (WAA is in the testing industry)


Aurélie and I just got back home after filling in a complaint for lost luggage at the airport… (thanks American Airlines). So we are back in our little Brussels and it’s great to be home, the birds sing this Sunday morning (home sweet home).

Four Gurus For You has been a great achievement for the WAA International Committee. Besides congratulating everybody that made this possible and specially the 4 Gurus that agreed to wake up really early despite the jet lag for some and Jim’s Lobby Bar. So thank you Eric, Avinash, Bryan and Jim!

Now let me explain what we have tried to do with this session, as in fact it is a little experiment. Last Sunday a WAA meeting took place in San Francisco, during the Emetrics Summit and I wanted to note a few points:

  • Some members had expressed their will ro ‘receive more’ from their membership
  • Only 35% of WAA members are non US (and this includes Canada, which is pretty active in this field)

In order to address these 2 issues, the Four Gurus For You session will be posted in the section for members only. WAA members will have exclusive access to over 1 hour of insights in video and audio. This is yet another reason to become member of the Web Analytics Association. The year membership costs less than 10 euros per month!

If you become member of the WAA please state that 4G4Y have helped you in making your decision. Our objective is to make 50 members thanks to this initiative. If you’re already a member of the WAA and you would like to have access a more content material as this exclusive session. We will then be able to measure the efficciency of this initiative.

Disclaimer: the music and crowd in the video has been added ‘in studio’ 😉

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