Four Gurus For You!


This morning, here at Emetrics we had a great panel session with THE 4 most important Web Analytics Gurus (Jim, Bryan, Eric & Avinash). We had over 40 people joining the session from around the world that could not only follow the discussion, but also send questions. The international attendees are members of the Web Analytics Association as this was a members only session (in addition to the lucky ones that were present in San Francisco).

4 Gurus 4 You
Jime Sterne, Bryan Eisenberg, Vicky Brock, Eric T. Peterson, Brian Induni & Avinash Kaushik.

Thanks to the WAA and specially to Vicky and Brian without whom this wouldn’t have happened (and thank you Lars for coming up with the name of this online event ;-)).

This event was recorded, so if you want to have access to it in the coming weeks, you just need to do one thing: BECOME MEMBER OF THE WAA!

I’ll be posting a little ‘chupachups’ video in the coming days of this session and publish all the questions that were adressed from the attendees (physically and virtually), you’ll see all the answers from this great minds in the members section of the WAA website.


4 Responses to “Four Gurus For You!”

  1. Lars Johansson Says:

    Great work everyone! =)

  2. Vicky Brock Says:

    Many thanks everyone for making this work, and I look forward to working with all you guys to make more of these international WAA events work!

  3. René Dechamps Otamendi Says:

    Hi Lars,

    I’m sad you couldn’t meet it in person. The good news is that Jim is preparing an Emetrics Summit in Stockholm for end october!!! And this is thanks to the great work you’ve done to create a community there. Good work!

    Vicky, it was really nice to catch up again with you. Keep up the good work in the WAA International Committee and let’s meet again in Washington 😉

    I’ll be working on the video and audio of the event to get it on the WAA website anytime soon.

    Cheers from San Francisco were the sun has came back today 😉


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