Who’s laughing at Google Analytics now?


GA V2 pie!So here it is, the long-awaited Google Analytics version 2.

Of course we at WebAnalytics.be had been in the know for a while now but, as you can imagine, we had to respect Google’s non-disclosure agreement and not even hint at it. We got special coverage of V2 when we attended the Google Analytics Authorized Consultant certification training in Dublin.

This restraint was all the more difficult since GA now breaks the barrier that separated it from the other vendors’ solutions : scheduled reporting.

That’s right, folks.

Google Analytics is free, has a user-friendly, AJAX-based interface in more than 10 languages, enterprise-class features and now sends recurrent reports to your mailbox, in the format of your choice.

I will post more details on this new release and its potential in the days to come.

So basically, smaller actors such as XiTi, Weborama, StatCounter, SiteReports et al., will no longer have a differentiative edge as a product. I hope they come up with other attractive features other than being cheaper than other vendors.

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As always, constructive comments are welcome 😉

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  2. daniel Says:

    it seems fantastic so far! as with most google products, very, very user-focussed. I look forward to playing around with it more.

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  5. Rémy Charavel Says:

    Thanks for this presentation… the interface looks indeed much more friendly-user and I would like to know more about the new functionalities, especially referrers and tracking of emailings. But why do you put xiti at the same level as Statcounter, Site reports or even GA, looks strange to me. I have used both their free solution and their more advanced one, xiti analyzer: Ok to compare the free offer to GA but for advanced functionalities such as segmentation, ROI or level of analysis, xiti analyzer doesn’t have anything to do with the other solutions you mentioned. And the price is also impressive!! Like the US tools! This also applies to Weborama I believe.

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