Google Launches Google Analytics V2 at Emetrics San Francisco


Google Analytics logoFresh news from San Francisco!!!!

Google has just announced here in San Francisco the release of the Version 2 of Google Analytics. We are very excited at OX2 as we have been testing this new version since a bit more than a month now. As you know part of our Web analytics team attended the GAAC training in Dublin a couple of months ago and they also got trained on this new version.

It is radically different from the current version and incorporates great new features (I love the big bounce rate percentage and the export functionnalities have really been improved). I won’t enter into details right now as you know I’m not an Analyst (as I like to say, I’m just the sales guy ;-)).

Julien will be publishing in the coming hours a post about this new version! And we will publish more insights in the coming days/weeks.

So if you’re using Google analytics expect a radical change (but don’t worry there will be a transition period in which you will still be able to use the previous interface).

This is a screenshot of the interface:

Google Analytics V2 Screenshot

You can also read this excellent post about Google Analytics V2 in Avinash’s Blog (Thanks Avinash)


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