Eric Peterson launches his Company & Aurélie joins his Board of Advisors


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Yesterday, Eric Peterson, worldwide renowned Web Analytics Guru, announced at Emetrics San Francisco his decision to launch his Company Web Analytics Demystified Inc.

I have to admit that for Aurélie and I it wasn’t a big surprise as we were in the secret since a couple of months now when Eric contacted us to propose Aurélie to join his Board of Advisors (Nevertheless, Aurélie got her surprise as before starting his presentation Eric took her on stage and sang Happy Birthday to her -she just turned 29 for the sixth time yesterday- along with the 500 attendees – I’ll post a little video about this ;-)). I remember the day he sent us an email asking us to have a chat with him over Skype. Back then, we were really surprised by his future move and pretty honored to be not only among the firsts to know his secret but also his will to have Aurélie to join his Board of Advisors (thank you Eric, we will always be grateful for your trust and confidence).

So what is it all this about, what Eric plans to do? What are his objectives? What’s his company positioning?

Eric has created his company around what he calls ‘The Truth About Web Analytics”:

  1. Web analytics is not easy for most organizations.
  2. Technology cannot replace the need for talented professionals.
  3. Web analytics is actually a series of identifiable business processes.
  4. People, technology, and process are all required to create repeatable successes.
  5. All companies can be very successful provided they’re committed to understanding the process of “doing” web analytics.

Read more about his vision

He plans mainly to do strategic consulting, workshops & seminars, white papers & presentations as well as customized consulting. More information on his About the Company section.

His first work as a new established company has been presented yesterday during his Guru Session at Emetrics: The analysis of a worldwide survey he conducted a few months ago about how companies manage Web Analytics. He presented yesterday the results of the US respondents and plans to publish more insights about this survey in the coming weeks/months in his website/blog. Eric has told me that European data looks very promising as he received lots of European responses, we will of course keep you posted regarding European figures and insights. If you weren’t at Emetrics yesterday and missed the presentation you can download it in PDF from Eric’s website.

Getting back to his Board of Advisors, besides Aurélie, these are the other great professionals that have joined Eric:

– Bryan Eisenberg from Future Now Inc.

– Jim Sterne from Targeting Marketing

– Nina Eigerman from Aquent Consulting

Aurélie is really thrilled in joining this great people and will do her best to help Eric in his objective to support companies to understand and adopt Web Analytics right.

We’ll keep you posted about other things that we have seen and discussed here at Emetrics San Francisco. Congratulations already to Jim and Matthew for this magnificent event, I just have one word: thrilled!


Read our press release about this nomination:

French version

Dutch version

And a little picture of Eric wishing a happy birthday to Aurélie:

Eric singing Happy Birthday to Aurélie during his presentation at Emetrics San Francisco

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  1. Lars Says:

    A double CONGRATULATIONS to Aurélie. What a birthday party! 😉

  2. Michael Notte Says:

    Wow! Impressing. Well done!

  3. Robin Wauters Says:


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  5. Dave Verzijl Says:

    That is some great news, congrats Aurélie!

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    […] International outreach.  We all live together on Earth.  The only things that make us different are language and location.  At the end of the day, the “smile” achieved from “getting it” is ubiquitous across humanity.  I’m glad to know such fine consultancies, such as OX2, and folks like Aurelie and Rene are doing smart and fantastic things across the pond with web analytics. […]

  7. 29 for the 6th time at Emetrics San Francisco « Blog Says:

    […] Having 500 people singing happy birthday to you and one of the major Web Analytics gurus taking time out of his presentation to put “that poor woman on stage” is a memory I’ll always cherish. Thank you for […]

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    […] geven. Naast Jim Sterne, Bryan Eisenberg, Nina Eigerman, is ook de Benelux vertegenwoordigd door Aurélie Pols van OX2. […]

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