My 3 outcomes of the Emetrics London 2007


eMetrics London 2007A first version of this post has been hanging in the ‘draft’ section since the week after I came back from the Emetrics in London (29-30 March 2007), but as I’ve been quite busy and I actually reached my 3 outcomes since 2 weeks only (since our WAW in Brussels), I feel it is now the time to publish it.
A chance to win Jim Sterne’s Markting Optimization Library made me help to set all the work aside and finish this post as well. You never know 😉 (What do you think Jim? You think I get nominated?)

Let me start by explaining the concept of the 3 outcomes.
Like last year, between presentations, there was the time for a roundtable discussion. Last year one of the discussions was about Web Analytics KPIs, and this year was quite similar. But instead of thinking about the succes factors that need to be measured for a web site, this time you had think about the personal objectives you wanted to meet by attending the Emetrics. Kind of your personal summit KPIs. In addition, these outcomes had to fulfill some criteria, and I quote:

Each of your outcomes will be effective when they meet the following criteria.

  • S – Specific (the What, Why and How)
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Attainable
  • R – Realistic
  • T – Timely

S.M.A.R.T. outcomes emphasize what you want, rather than what you don’t want.

So here we go with my personal outcomes of this years Emetrics London:

Because I went to the Emetrics Summit…

1. I got the perfect opportunity to see new web analytics tools at work, and to find out what new features to expect of tools I already know or use.

Although the Emetrics is less focused on product presentations, you still have plenty of time to discuss with the different vendors about their tools. And as vendor independant web analytics agency we keep our eyes open for tools that could be added to our productfolio, and that can be positioned differently from the other products that we already promote. Which products we will add, you’ll see probably in the coming weeks/monts.
From all the vendors that were present, I never saw IndexTools and Unica live at work. In short, Indextools is ASP only, with a nice drag and drop functionality, data goes directly in an open database which allows to create on the fly custom reports without having to reanalyse any data.
Unica’s focus is on software but offers ASP as well in a few cases. They use of an open SQL database which contains all data, and which also allows on the fly analysis.
All other tools I more or less know, so I’m not going into detail here.

2. I got insight on new trends and new views on Web Analytics that inspire me and which I can share with my clients.

I’m not going to go in details about my favourite presentations (other bloggers have already done it in detail) so I take the liberty to forward you to some blogs which go more indepth.

As I already mentioned, the focus of the Emetrics events are less product focused and is more about real case studies in which practicioners from different markets share their experience with their ongoing Web Analytics projects and processes.
And speaking about processes, or at least putting them in place, my favourite presentation this year came from Vincent Kermorgant from Nokia with his case ‘Implementing Web Analytics the Nokia way’. I already read the whitepaper “Implementing Web Analytics the Nokia Way: a Customer’s Methodology co-authored”, which you can find on the Web Analytics Yahoo User Group, but it was great to have Vincent explaining the WA Roll out in person.
For more info, download the whitepaper at the Yahoo User Group, or read more on Avinash Kaushik’s blog.

Besides the Nokia case, amongst my other personal favourites was Jim Sterne, with a more general presentation about Web Analytics and what I call the acclimatisation presentation of the Emetrics. Jim is a natural talent to present and to bring his view on Web Analytics in a way everybody gets it, and is still interesting enough for those who know everything already (or at least they think they do 🙂 )

And of course there was Avinash Kaushik who tackled Competitive Analytics tools such as HitWise, which gives you extremely interesting information on your competitors. Read Avinash post on Competitive Intelligence to get more info.
Although very interesting, unfortunately these tools do not cover the entire European market. I talked to nice lady from HitWise, Claire Lo, who confirmed me for the moment they are covering UK, and plan to do Germany in next quarter, and France in the beginning of next year. Belgium is probably too small unless there is huge demand for it. Let me know 🙂
Coming quite close to the above mentioned Competitive Intelligence, there was a very very interesting presentation given by Giles Sutehall from BP. Giles explained how he succeeded to manage about 280 sites (different brands, and countries) by making use of usability and accessibility testing, monitoring and measuring, SEO and SEA amongst others. And he showed us a very nice bench marking diagram in which not only competitors of where included but other, known brands (such as Nike, GSK and the WWf) as well. See again Avinash’ blog for more details.

And to finish I very much liked the case of Skype, which applied A/B testing and Multi-Variable Testing to test which homepage, and subsidiary pages, converted the best, and My Travel, where Russell Gould, who was in charge of the Web Analytics (or rather Site Intelligence) project, had to compete against its IT department. Where did we see this before 😦

3. I was able to do some networking with vendors, consultants and end-users, in short do a little branding for OX2

Emetrics is not only a great event to learn, but the agenda of the day is organised in a way that you have plenty of time to get to know the other attendees. In fact you are almost obliged by Jim and Matthew to speak to the others, during the round-table discussions, lunch and dinner.
During dinner, I finally got the opportunity to meet John Marshall, CEO of ClickTracks and already nominated on our blog as most friendly and to-the-point vendor representative, in person and I had a very amusing discussion with him. A dream came true 🙂
And speaking about networking, did you already see how our client Michaël Notté from Toyota Motor Europe got pinned by Jim Sterne?

I thought finishing this post with quotes of René, during our journey back to Brussels, but it would take me another 500 words, and after a few drinks (we needed to let go some steam after 2 days of full concentration) I promised him I would keep it as internal kitchen 🙂

So in a nutshell, it was a 2-day event full of interesting content and networking. Everybody who practices or is interested in Web Analytics should be there.
And I am pretty sure Aurélie and René will confirm this through their posts on the San Francisco Emetrics they are currently attending.

By the way, Happy birthday Aurélie!!!

Siegert (from sunny Brussels)


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