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May 31, 2007

webanalytics_congres_zeist.jpgWe arrived late last night in Zeist, an even smaller town than the place I grew up in the North of Holland, and had a nice chat with Eric before heading for a good night’s sleep. I must admit that I’m running under 5 to maximum 6 hours of sleep per night lately but hey, can’t commplain, I didn’t have to get up at 4:30 this morning like Dennis‘ fine Indextools.

Lack of sleep is partially my own fault as I’m into some readings and tend to forget the time but also because I’m working on a couple of projects in one of my favorite sectors, banking. As some of you might know, my background is partially in banking and insurance (Swiss Life and Deutsche Bank) so I felt compeled to blog after the fine presentation I saw this morning by Jos Verwoerd from Postbank here at the Webanalytics Congres in Zeist (The Netherlands). Also note that his presentation was made by his co-workers, amongst which he cited Ewout Vis, who’s holding a workshop this afternoon that I’ll also be attending. I’m afraid I didn’t catch the name of the other guy but I’m sure we’ll have some interesitng discussions this afternoon. (more…)

OX2 Partners with Web Analytics Demystified Inc.

May 31, 2007

Today we are happy to announce our latest partnership with Web Analytics Demystified and Eric T. Peterson.

Press Release:

Web Analytics Demystified and OX2 Partner to Provide World-Class Analytics to European Clients

Brussels, May 31st, 2007 — OX2, the Belgian interactive agency – a leader in the field of online behaviour measurement and analysis, otherwise known as Web Analytics (short: WA) – announces its partnership with Web Analytics Demystified, Inc., recently founded by international web analytics thought leader Eric T. Peterson. The objective of this partnership is to offer in Europe a complete range of Web Analytics solutions that include both auditing and services for most WA solutions. Furthermore, this partnership is a unique opportunity for European clients to benefit from Eric T. Peterson’s world-renowned experience.


Visiting Avinash @ Google in the Valley

May 30, 2007


The Friday following Emetrics, while Aurélie was attending the Predictive Analytics two day course, I was invited by Avinash to visit him at Google. I have to admit that I was pretty excited with the idea to visit Google’s offices as I didn’t attend the GAAC training in Dublin. So after a nice breakfast with Matthew and Jim I took a cab and went ahead to Mountain-view.

I had a taximan from Morocco that while driving was always looking to the back as we were having a very engaged discussion about the political situation of his country (in a Arabic influenced french). I have to admit that I regret to have launched the conversation as when we arrived at the highway I was afraid that we would get into an accident. But fortunately I got safe to Google’s HQ (a bit shaky I have to admit ;-)). (more…)

Omniture Training week in London

May 29, 2007

OmnitureSo part of our team left for London on Monday evening to go to London and attend the Omniture Advanced Implementation Certification training, among other things.

Trip to London: riding the Eurostar

After a quick trip through the Channel in the Eurostar – along with Sir Stephen Hawking returning from Brussels – we checked into our hotel.

On a side note, the whole Eurostar experience is very much similar to taking a plane, what with the check-in process and all. (more…)

Emetrics San Francisco: WebSideStory passed away, long live Visual Sciences!

May 23, 2007

Logo Visual Sciences

WebSideStory will no longer exist. Bob Chatham announced at Emetrics San Francisco a couple of weeks ago, that the nice brand WebSideStory would no longer exist, but don’t be afraid, the company hasn’t closed, it’s just that it changes its name to Visual Sciences, to better reflect the new positioning of the company.

bob_chatham.gifLast year, at Emetrics Washington Bob did already a very interesting presentation explaining the positioning of WSS after VS acquisition: going towards ‘Customer Analytics’. Back then, Bob explained how Web Analytics would enlarge it’s scope from simply Web analytics to Customer Analytics going through Internet Channel Analytics and Multi-Channel Analytics. I remember that this presentation was really inspiring; Aurélie and I were very excited with this new overture in Web Analytics and by Eric’s private demo of Visual Sciences. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Visual Sciences, you may read a couple of posts that Aurélie wrote following Emetrics Washington 2006:

Getting back to Bob’s presentation of last week, here are some of the points that got most of my attention: (more…)

Web Analytics dinner in Amsterdam – June 1st

May 23, 2007

Hi folks,

Aurélie (jet-laggued) and Eric at San FranciscoAs you might have read on the Yahoo Groups, Eric Peterson is paying us a visit at the end of this month (he’s attending a Web Analytics Congres in The Netherlands). As Aurélie and I will be joining Eric during that week-end we thought it would be interesting to organize a diner in Amsterdam on Friday the 1st of June. This diner is open to anyone interested in Web Analytics willing to spend some time with us. The attendees will have the opportunity not only to meet with Eric, but also to have a discussion about the European figures of the Web Analytics Survey he has made recently (read the US figures here).

So if you care to join us, please send me (rdo AT ox2 DOT be) or Eric an e-mail so we can book a restaurant for this occasion (please do so ASAP as we want to make sure to be able to accommodate everybody).


Finding a blogging voice

May 22, 2007

callas.jpgI’ve been playing around with blog stats in order to gauge interest and readership of the different posts we’ve rolled out over the past year and wanted to share some reflections. These findings and ideas thus stem from a simple copy-paste of blog stats for the last 365 days of this blog. I actually did this following a question asked by Chris Gemignani at the Emetrics’ blogger table about our blogging voice and if we had trouble finding it.

I do.
Maybe because I share this blog with my husband and the rest of my team.
Maybe just because I’m not always certain what people are actually interested in reading and how I could best optimise the time they graciously share with us by reading this blog.
And certainly because there are some wonderful Web analytics bloggers out there (too many to name and please watch René’s next blog post on the bloger table to get a list of very fine and smart people talking about fascinating Web Analytics related things).

So, in order to reach out to my blogging voice (again), I fist stumbled upon a post René wrote more than a year ago intitled “Why this blog?”.
The last 2 paragraphs are of interest and actually still apply and I will not comment on my waking up my husband at 2 AM… It goes like this
Our aim is to make the market going forward and adopt Web Analytics. The era of websites seen as purely cost centers is over. Now we need to define business objectives and measure in order to report the ROI on the one hand and optimize the online initiatives on the other to maximize the returns.
We are also conscious that the Web Analytics learning curve is long and this is why we try to feed our clients with our knowledge to help them reach self sufficiency

Yeap, this still applies, right on! (more…)

Emetrics San Francisco: The Bloggers table (videos)

May 22, 2007

Before the Emetrics Robbin Steif launched the great idea to make a table (or more) with Bloggers on Monday the 7th, so after the keynote speaches and morning presentations, Aurélie and I went to join Robbin as promised. The table in which we sat was too small to allow all of us to be in one table, but nevertheless we crunched as sardines to allow a maximum of us to join (we were 12 in table for 8 people).

I remember Ian Thomas complaining (joking) that there wasn’t room for him, but we then crunched again to make some more room.
From my right here is the list of people that was sited on our table:

Ian (Thomas)
Ian (Houston)
Aurélie & I (filming)

I had brought my camera with me and I did a few video of our conversations. And Chris had been doing his homework and brought questions for the rest of us. Thanks Chris, this was a great idea!

Watch the 20 minutes of discussion (uncensored!)…: (more…)

Advertiser vs Consumer: The Break Up

May 19, 2007

I’ve just noticed this video on WebAnalytics Book. Hope that it will make think some of the advertisers that visit this blog 😉

Nice campaign from…. Microsoft

Avinash at PodTech: Kicking off a Web Analytics Strategy for your Corporate Web Program

May 17, 2007

If you have a quarter of an hour to spare, you may want to view this interview to Avinash by Jeremiah:

[podtech content=]

Google Analytics, Microsoft Gatineau & OX2’s Web Analytics Code of Ethics

May 16, 2007

badge_visit_google_rene.jpgDuring Emetrics San Francisco I had the opportunity to visit Google (I’ll blog about that in the coming days) and to have a look at the alpha version of Gatineau. This made me want to emphasize and explain our Code of Ethics as independent consultants.

But before I get into that let’s explain a little bit more: (more…)

29 for the 6th time at Emetrics San Francisco

May 15, 2007

Candle in a muffinFinally home and settled in after a very long week in San Francisco. Still a bit jet lagged and Bruno was nice enough to remind me this morning that per hour difference, I should count on 1 full day to get used to European timing again so I’m figuring that within 7 days, all should be fine again with my internal clock. One only hopes! as I’m leaving for London again next week.

eric_aurelie_avinash_bryan_waa_meeting_san_francisco_2007.jpgFirst of all, it’s been a fabulous experience in San Fran thanks to the likes of Jim, Avinash and of course Eric. Truely this experience beats my last 29th birthday for the 2nd time, when I decided to hop over to Shangai to check out the scenary in China some 5 years ago. Having 500 people singing happy birthday to you and one of the major Web Analytics gurus taking time out of his presentation to put “that poor woman on stage” is a memory I’ll always cherish. Thank you for that, for your support and dedication to this passionate field. I’m sure we’ll all experience some very interesting times ahead and I’m really looking forward to future collaborations. (more…)

The Emetrics Lobby Bar – San Francisco 2007

May 13, 2007

godfather_jim_stepping_out_lobby_bar_with_jim_novo.jpgIf you attended Emetrics, chances are that you heard about the Lobby Bar and that you have attended to one of the sessions.
The concept is rather simple, every night after dinner, people meet at the Lobby Bar (the bar of the Hotel). I have to admit that I’m a huge fan of this and this week I attended all the sessions from Saturday night to friday night.

It’s great to network with other Industry professionals and we really have all the profiles (Vendors, Consultants, Practitioners, and of course our Godfather).

At San Francisco, as the Hotel bar was closing at midnight, we continued the reunion in a bar just across the street that hopefully stayed open until 2am.

I warmly encourage the attendees of future Emetrics Summits to join us at the Bar 😉

Thursday night, after having a wonderful dinner at a Brazilian restaurant with Andrea, Jim, Matthew and Aurélie we launched a new concept: the last day at the Lobby Bar it’s chocolates time! But not any chocolates: Belgian Marcolini’s chocolates! I’m sure that all that attended our wedding have memories arising (Mmmm Marcolini!)

So I guess that as from now on I’ll have to get some belgian chocolates to end each Summit we attend 😉

On Friday night Aurélie and I seem to be the only ones left at the Hotel, so after a great dinner at a Japanese restaurant, we went to the Bar to have our last drink before going to bed as we had to catch up an early flight on saturday morning and get back to our normal life.

See you at the Lobby Bar of Emetrics Washington 😉

For Gurus For You: An experiment! (WAA is in the testing industry)

May 13, 2007

Aurélie and I just got back home after filling in a complaint for lost luggage at the airport… (thanks American Airlines). So we are back in our little Brussels and it’s great to be home, the birds sing this Sunday morning (home sweet home).

Four Gurus For You has been a great achievement for the WAA International Committee. Besides congratulating everybody that made this possible and specially the 4 Gurus that agreed to wake up really early despite the jet lag for some and Jim’s Lobby Bar. So thank you Eric, Avinash, Bryan and Jim!


Four Gurus For You!

May 9, 2007

This morning, here at Emetrics we had a great panel session with THE 4 most important Web Analytics Gurus (Jim, Bryan, Eric & Avinash). We had over 40 people joining the session from around the world that could not only follow the discussion, but also send questions. The international attendees are members of the Web Analytics Association as this was a members only session (in addition to the lucky ones that were present in San Francisco).

4 Gurus 4 You
Jime Sterne, Bryan Eisenberg, Vicky Brock, Eric T. Peterson, Brian Induni & Avinash Kaushik.

Thanks to the WAA and specially to Vicky and Brian without whom this wouldn’t have happened (and thank you Lars for coming up with the name of this online event ;-)).

This event was recorded, so if you want to have access to it in the coming weeks, you just need to do one thing: BECOME MEMBER OF THE WAA!

I’ll be posting a little ‘chupachups’ video in the coming days of this session and publish all the questions that were adressed from the attendees (physically and virtually), you’ll see all the answers from this great minds in the members section of the WAA website.

Google Analytics V2: more details

May 9, 2007

640dashboard.jpgAs I was saying in my Google Analytics V2 launch post, the bar has been kicked several steps higher for more modest vendors, what with email and scheduling now being built into GA.

For datawarehouse-enabled vendors, the time has come to differentiate from other tools, not by adding a 3D exploration layer, but by adding functionalities and value to the presentation and exploitation of data reports.

Who’s laughing at Google Analytics now?

May 8, 2007

GA V2 pie!So here it is, the long-awaited Google Analytics version 2.

Of course we at had been in the know for a while now but, as you can imagine, we had to respect Google’s non-disclosure agreement and not even hint at it. We got special coverage of V2 when we attended the Google Analytics Authorized Consultant certification training in Dublin.

This restraint was all the more difficult since GA now breaks the barrier that separated it from the other vendors’ solutions : scheduled reporting.

That’s right, folks.

Google Analytics is free, has a user-friendly, AJAX-based interface in more than 10 languages, enterprise-class features and now sends recurrent reports to your mailbox, in the format of your choice.

I will post more details on this new release and its potential in the days to come.

So basically, smaller actors such as XiTi, Weborama, StatCounter, SiteReports et al., will no longer have a differentiative edge as a product. I hope they come up with other attractive features other than being cheaper than other vendors.

If you need consulting and/or assistance on Google Analytics or other leading Web Analytics products such as WebTrends, Omniture or WebSideStory, get in touch with us via this blog or by using our contact form.

As always, constructive comments are welcome 😉

Google Launches Google Analytics V2 at Emetrics San Francisco

May 8, 2007

Google Analytics logoFresh news from San Francisco!!!!

Google has just announced here in San Francisco the release of the Version 2 of Google Analytics. We are very excited at OX2 as we have been testing this new version since a bit more than a month now. As you know part of our Web analytics team attended the GAAC training in Dublin a couple of months ago and they also got trained on this new version.

It is radically different from the current version and incorporates great new features (I love the big bounce rate percentage and the export functionnalities have really been improved). I won’t enter into details right now as you know I’m not an Analyst (as I like to say, I’m just the sales guy ;-)).

Julien will be publishing in the coming hours a post about this new version! And we will publish more insights in the coming days/weeks.

So if you’re using Google analytics expect a radical change (but don’t worry there will be a transition period in which you will still be able to use the previous interface).

This is a screenshot of the interface:

Google Analytics V2 Screenshot

You can also read this excellent post about Google Analytics V2 in Avinash’s Blog (Thanks Avinash)

Eric Peterson launches his Company & Aurélie joins his Board of Advisors

May 8, 2007

Web Analytics Demystified Logo

Yesterday, Eric Peterson, worldwide renowned Web Analytics Guru, announced at Emetrics San Francisco his decision to launch his Company Web Analytics Demystified Inc.

I have to admit that for Aurélie and I it wasn’t a big surprise as we were in the secret since a couple of months now when Eric contacted us to propose Aurélie to join his Board of Advisors (Nevertheless, Aurélie got her surprise as before starting his presentation Eric took her on stage and sang Happy Birthday to her -she just turned 29 for the sixth time yesterday- along with the 500 attendees – I’ll post a little video about this ;-)). I remember the day he sent us an email asking us to have a chat with him over Skype. Back then, we were really surprised by his future move and pretty honored to be not only among the firsts to know his secret but also his will to have Aurélie to join his Board of Advisors (thank you Eric, we will always be grateful for your trust and confidence).

So what is it all this about, what Eric plans to do? What are his objectives? What’s his company positioning?

Eric has created his company around what he calls ‘The Truth About Web Analytics”: (more…)

OX2’s involvement following Jim Sterne’s presentation at Emetrics London & San Francisco

May 7, 2007

Emetrics Summit logoFor those of you who do not know Jim Sterne (Who doesn’t know Jim Sterne?), I like to call him the Godfather of Web Analytics. In the WA Industry you have Gurus, Vendors, Consultants and Practitionners, but only one Godfather and that’s Jim Sterne (if you want a proof just view this).

Jim has been in the Web Analytics since it exists. He has not only written about it (you may read for example a very interesting White Paper he wrote in 2000 with Matt Cutler or buy one of his books at Amazon). He has also been the creator and responsible of the Emetrics Summit, the must attend event around Web Analytics that happens 4 times a year (Mmmm, rumors say that he will expanding his operations shortly, so keep up visiting The Emetrics Summit are 2 to 3 days events that take place in the US and Europe allowing Web Analytics professionals not only to attend astonishing and outstanding presentation, but also network in order to exchange ideas and points of view.

Jim’s views on the Web Analytics team:

Last Year, during his keynote speach, Jim described the different competences needed in a Web Analytics team: (more…)

My 3 outcomes of the Emetrics London 2007

May 7, 2007

eMetrics London 2007A first version of this post has been hanging in the ‘draft’ section since the week after I came back from the Emetrics in London (29-30 March 2007), but as I’ve been quite busy and I actually reached my 3 outcomes since 2 weeks only (since our WAW in Brussels), I feel it is now the time to publish it.
A chance to win Jim Sterne’s Markting Optimization Library made me help to set all the work aside and finish this post as well. You never know 😉 (What do you think Jim? You think I get nominated?)

Let me start by explaining the concept of the 3 outcomes.
Like last year, between presentations, there was the time for a roundtable discussion. Last year one of the discussions was about Web Analytics KPIs, and this year was quite similar. But instead of thinking about the succes factors that need to be measured for a web site, this time you had think about the personal objectives you wanted to meet by attending the Emetrics. Kind of your personal summit KPIs. In addition, these outcomes had to fulfill some criteria, and I quote:

Each of your outcomes will be effective when they meet the following criteria.

  • S – Specific (the What, Why and How)
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Attainable
  • R – Realistic
  • T – Timely

S.M.A.R.T. outcomes emphasize what you want, rather than what you don’t want.

So here we go with my personal outcomes of this years Emetrics London: (more…)

Emetrics San Francisco, here we go!

May 5, 2007

In a few hours Aurélie and I will be on the flight towards the US. I’m pretty excited about attending Emetrics San Francisco. I’ve always heard that it’s the most important event regarding WA worldwide (if you are going to attend just one conference about WA & Optimization, it should be this one). Not only the presenters and public are astonishing (cf., the location looks really great and I will finally have the opportunity to visit Silicon Valley 🙂 !

I promisse I will blog during next week as Aurélie and I will stay for a full week. Aurélie is attending afterwards the ‘Predictive Analytics Training‘, I have to admit that this also sounds very interesting.

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen the message from the Web Analytics Godfather, I leave ou with the real man:

Please follow his advice (you won’t regret) 😉

Cheers from Brussels,


P.S. And if you’re member of the WAA, join us for the Four Gurus for you virtual event this wednesday!

ComScore, the IAB and Web Analytics

May 1, 2007

the Big 4, Lloyd Geroge, Orlando, Clemanceau and WilsonI just did a rapid search on the Yahoo User Groups with the term “ComScore“.
Just to see if the discussions we’ve been witnessing currently had crossed our paths before.
And they did: 160 results, dating back to the 7th of August 2004. In the last 10 results, I’m amused to find names such as Jim MacIntyre, current WebSideStory/Visual Sciences CEO and working already in January 2005 for VS, Google’s Brian Clifton a voice back then from Omega, Fred Kuu and … hum, Sage metrics turned Omniture, for some.

So, the discrepancies in numbers is not a new debate. Normal, it’s not the same way of counting 😮 No surprises there.
What started it off this time?
Apparently, and I’m still picking this up from the Yahoo User Group to start with, on April 16th, ComScore announced through a press release that “Cookie-Based Counting Overstates Size of Web Site Audiences. Frequent Cookie Deletion by 3 out of 10 U.S. Internet Users Leads to Overstements in Audience Sizes by a Factor of High as 2.5“.
Micheal Wexler, Eric Peterson & Joe Wilson made sure the announcement was brought forward to the Yahoo community and it spurred of comments, a lot! (more…)