A little word from the Web Analytics Godfather (if you’re attending Emetrics SF)


Emetrics Summit logoAre you attending Emetrics in San Francisco next week?  Please don’t forget to make Jim happy:

For more information about what the lucky one will bring home: It’s here!

14 Responses to “A little word from the Web Analytics Godfather (if you’re attending Emetrics SF)”

  1. Avinash Kaushik Says:


    You have captured the essence of the man!


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    […] if you have another minute, check out this humorous tribute Rene and Aurelie did for Jim […]

  3. Jim Sterne Says:

    Someday – and that day may never come – I’ll call upon you to let me do a service for you in recompense for this. But until that day, accept my deepest thanks as gift on the eve of my Emetrics Summit.

  4. Eric Says:

    Jim Sterne says: “Do me this favor. I won’t forget it. Ask your friends in the neighborhood about me. They’ll tell you I know how to return a favor. And so do this for me…help eMetrics San Francisco be the best one yet.”

  5. Dennis R. Mortensen Says:

    This is absolutely hilarious René !!!!! 🙂
    Cheers and see you in SF..

    Dennis R. Mortensen, COO at IndexTools
    My Web Analytics Blog

  6. René Dechamps Otamendi Says:

    Dear Godfather, thank you for accepting this as a little tribute on the eve of your Emetrics Summit.

    Eric, thanks for the quote from our Godfather

    Dennis, Aurélie says: “Don’t forget your RedBull light and your banana, let us know if you want us to drop of chocolates, or… are you still on a diet?”

  7. Ian Thomas Says:

    I always wondered why Jim carried that baseball bat with him everywhere. Better send in my outcomes…

  8. Jonghee Jo Says:

    Great job! You made it really hard to refuse. WA Godfather is watching me… ^^

  9. benry Says:

    Fantastic tribute. Now we just need a series on other web analytics gurus — collect all ten (Eric, Brian, Clinton, Ian, etc.)

  10. Marcos Richardson Says:

    We’re all part of the same family

    Jim our ‘Capo di tutti capi’



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