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As Jim has been following my tip of keeping it up with the videos, I thought the minimum I could do, was to present them here in our Blog, as we have done with the previous ones 😉 So here go:

This first video is about the second day of the Emetrics in London. And if you pay attention around 1 minute and 34 seconds you will see the belgian table represented by Siegert Dierickx (OX2), Michaël Notté (Toyota Motor Europe) and Aurélie and I discussing about something I can’t recall (if I had to remember everything Aurélie tells me…).

This second video arrived just today. It’s a little wrap up as Jim says.

Thanks Jim for these videos, I’m sure they help to keep the spirit of the events 😉

For those of you who haven’t read yet Avinash’s Reflections on Emetrics London 2007: READ THEM NOW!

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  1. Emetrics Summit Düsseldorf: netwerken « WebAnalytics.be Blog Says:

    […] within less than 10 minutes. It’s about the influence of putting data into context, using the powerful information Avinash delivered in London. Just one slide, here in there in order to make sure our noses are up, pointing towards the right […]

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