This just in : Coremetrics goes 3D


Coremetrics LogoCoreMetrics is introducing a new release of their Web Analytics product (as published on – read the full story).


The new offering enables marketers to simultaneously track the multiple influences that impact each consumer at any point in the sales cycle, drawing on Coremetrics LIVE Profiles, the industry’s only complete record of all visitor behavior and cross-session activity. It provides unlimited insight into marketing campaigns along three dimensions: ability to draw new visitors to the site, nurture them along the conversion cycle, and trigger action.

Impact :

Is this going to impact WebSideStory‘s HBX, Visual Sciences and their Customer Analytics approach?
If the product does it right probably.

Stay tuned as the industry reacts.



3 Responses to “This just in : Coremetrics goes 3D”

  1. Aurélie Pols Says:

    Interesting indeed.
    What caught my attention was the integration with Google Checkout that was announced on March 13th, 2007 (

    So I did a little check on integration of Google Checkout with other vendors and came up with a whole bunch of them, including other major vendors we sometimes rattle about. See the entire list on:

    You know me, I want to see it before I believe it. And ideally have the team go through the technical briefing as well as through a web analytics vision in order to see what this emplies.

  2. Xavier Says:

    WOW – HOW AWESOME, 3D STATS!! Do they provide colored shades with that? Seriously guys, sorry to be harsh on this one, but adding an extra dimension to reports no one knows what to do with is plain silly.

    Or it could be one of these new things I just don’t get (quite possible actually).

    (Hello to the entire OX2 team BTW).

  3. Julien Coquet Says:

    Hi Xavier,

    I think you’re not the only one in the industry to ask yourself the right questions 😉

    I have yet to see it in action to see if the 3D side of CoreMetrics is merely a gimmick/marketing ploy.

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