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A little word from the Web Analytics Godfather (if you’re attending Emetrics SF)

April 30, 2007

Emetrics Summit logoAre you attending Emetrics in San Francisco next week?  Please don’t forget to make Jim happy:

For more information about what the lucky one will bring home: It’s here!

Pioneering Web Analytics (Emetrics Düsseldorf)

April 28, 2007

Pioneer LogoRaphael Nolens invited us into a cycling journey into Web Analytics in Düsseldorf, playfully showing us the stages Pioneer Europe went through in order to fully reap the benefits of the online channel today.

It all started out with a leap back in the past where ever since 1996, Pioneer Europe had been going through redesign projects, year after year. Faced with different cultures and quality issues – some sites were down for half a day before anyone actually noticed, which was acceptable at the time – Pioneer decided to set up a European Web Governance Team back in 2001.
The fixing of the leaking buckets started with performance issues, as the websites where too slow. In 2002, 12 new websites where released, running under a single centralised database and a homogeneous web design, across all countries.
Since then, Rafael has been working hard to improve the Internet presence through a continuous improvement cycle.

The challenge mainly relied in the fact that international companies are not organised to work together. That’s where the bicycles started to show up: you have to peddle hard and together, working as a team. A sprinter does not hold the same responsibilities as team members trying to push their team leader across the finish line.
In the light of non aligned strategies across countries, pan European companies tend to follow different strategies ranging from DIY to zeppelins that gobble up a lot of euros, are highly inflammable and need to be rebuilt each year.
Pioneer saw this differently and more specifically in the light of small & effective ways of spending those euros sensibly. Like climbing up a curved road zigzagging through, assuring that onward movement, brought by your team of climbers and sprinters. And indeed, as Avinash would say, small is beautiful 😉 (more…)

Web Analytics Wednesday April 2007 – Brussels – The Presentations

April 21, 2007

After posting a short summary about the first Web Analytics Wednesday in Belgium, here are the presentations.

17h10: Welcome: Web Analytics Association Introduction (by René Dechamps Otamendi)

The first one that I presented was an introduction of the Web Analytics Association as the WAA is the main organiser of the Web Analytics Wednesdays worldwide:


Web Analytics Wednesday April 2007 – Brussels – Summary

April 20, 2007

Web Analytics Association Premiere Corporate LogoThis week, the Web Analytics Association and OX2 just organised a Web Analytics Wednesday here in Brussels. It was the first time we had this event in the capital of Europe and it was a nice event IMHO. I wanted to thank again De Persgroep for hosting this event in their magnificent premises.

18 people showed up (I hope to increase this number for the next edition in a couple of months). As you know, the agenda included some presentations delivered by Michaël Notté, Julien Coquet and myself (I’ll publish another post with a copy of these later on. You can read the agenda here) and it was followed by a networking cocktail. The audience was mainly composed of practitioners, but we had also 1 consultant (beside us) and 2 vendors (WebTrends and ClickTracks).

Siegert just finished a little video about this event. Enjoy:


Emetrics Summit Düsseldorf: netwerken

April 18, 2007

Emetrics Summit logoI love Europe! I couldn’t say it enough and it’s kind of encrypted into my genes, being Dutch, French-speaking, living in Belgium and managing OX2’s Web Analytics business unit while my Spanish husband, René, takes care of the rest, the Interactive Agency.

Yes, honey, the hotel is fine and I’m so sorry, I missed your birthday but I promise, I’ll make it up. Trust me when I say that there are some Michelin stars restaurants you haven’t tried yet 😉

So, that’s for my personal message home. Please feel free to come up to me in Düsseldorf if you know of some good places to eat. I usually we ar green and even though I do not have dreadlocks, one could say I’m dressed rather casual 😉 Because that’s what the Emetrics Summits are actually all about: Networking! (more…)

Competitive watch with Google Analytics

April 16, 2007

Google Analytics logoGive your company all the competitive edge it can get by analyzing what content is viewed by the competition.

Assuming your competitors are large companies, who sometimes own a whole range of IP addresses with their Internet Service Provider, you can identify these companies thanks to Google Analytics.

It’s a pretty smooth ride, so follow gently along 🙂


NeuroMarketing, Web Analytics & Ethics

April 9, 2007

Neuromarketing_Coke_vs_PepsiLast Wednesday, Aurélie and I were exhausted from our previous days (since London we haven’t stopped talking, writing and working), so we decided to buy some easy cooking meals at Delhaize (our closest supermarket – 100 meters) and watch some TV to change our minds while relaxing on the sofa.

We then saw a documentary about the future of advertising on the RTBF (Belgian french speaking public TV station). What kind of publicity will we have in the future?
Then a new concept appeared: NeuroMarketing. I was already familiar about NLP, but I never heard of NeuroMarketing. (more…)

The agility of newcomers

April 8, 2007

Gloablisation's offspringNo, this is actually not a post directly about Web Analytics, as this can be considered more widely, so please accept my apologies for that.
This is a post about 3 different sources of information that sprung onto me during and after the Emetrics Summit and I’ve decided to tie together.
The tieying together decision stems from a The Economist article I read this morning under the sun, next to René, as we are finally enjoying some days of relaxing. Well, it actually turned into hours as we are both behind our laptops again and the sun is setting slow but surely over Brussels.

My initial reflexion stems from sales of web analytics licenses, the name of the game for my sales counterparts who have the priviledge, well some of them, to work for web analytics vendors. As these people are usually driven by quarterly sales, they often rejoice about sales of large bundles of licences. To be quite fair, so did I during the first year of my little Web Analytics business unit and quickly found out that this might actually not be the right way to go… Luckily for me, in my second year of professional Web Analytics, licenses didn’t actually mean that much as the services part heavily took over. After all, it’s what you do with it that counts, not the tool in itself as so many of us have been crying out for some time now. (more…)

Emetrics Summit last videos

April 8, 2007

As Jim has been following my tip of keeping it up with the videos, I thought the minimum I could do, was to present them here in our Blog, as we have done with the previous ones 😉 So here go:

This first video is about the second day of the Emetrics in London. And if you pay attention around 1 minute and 34 seconds you will see the belgian table represented by Siegert Dierickx (OX2), Michaël Notté (Toyota Motor Europe) and Aurélie and I discussing about something I can’t recall (if I had to remember everything Aurélie tells me…).

This second video arrived just today. It’s a little wrap up as Jim says.

Thanks Jim for these videos, I’m sure they help to keep the spirit of the events 😉

For those of you who haven’t read yet Avinash’s Reflections on Emetrics London 2007: READ THEM NOW!

Présidentielle 2007, une mise à jour

April 5, 2007

JoséArletteSégoUn petit tour sur le site de Mozinor et l’intervention du Social Supa Crew (Queen Ségo, DJ-SK et DJ Fabe) m’a incité à poster une mise à jour de mon article précédent, “Les politiques et leurs cookies“.

Voici où nous en sommes 4 mois après: (more…)

A sad distorsion of so called Belgian humor

April 5, 2007

First female referee - During a campaign agains child Labour - Source: ILO (International Labour Organization)Our respected competitors and leading web agency in Belgiun, Emakina, launched last Tuesday a website called Rent a Wife (and here’s the URL, you can check it out on
This website is supposed to be a joke and should, according to the agency, be taken as such.
The website actually tries to sell DVDs and in order to explain the service – you can rent for example 3 DVDs, keep them according to your own needs and send them back through the post at will.

The discussions about the ethics of this so called publicity campaign have been ranging all through the country as all major papers picked up the story. Apparently, one could therefore state that the so called buzz around this campaign can be considered as being successful.

The thing is, the viral essence of this campaign can already be questioned through the way it was communicated as, being disturbing, this campaign was easily picked up by the off line media (with a little help from this leading agency).
Add to that that no tags can be found on the pages of the website, I actually wonder how they are actually going to measure traffic!!! (more…)

This just in : Coremetrics goes 3D

April 2, 2007

Coremetrics LogoCoreMetrics is introducing a new release of their Web Analytics product (as published on – read the full story).


The new offering enables marketers to simultaneously track the multiple influences that impact each consumer at any point in the sales cycle, drawing on Coremetrics LIVE Profiles, the industry’s only complete record of all visitor behavior and cross-session activity. It provides unlimited insight into marketing campaigns along three dimensions: ability to draw new visitors to the site, nurture them along the conversion cycle, and trigger action.

Impact :

Is this going to impact WebSideStory‘s HBX, Visual Sciences and their Customer Analytics approach?
If the product does it right probably.

Stay tuned as the industry reacts.


Web Analytics Wednesday in Brussels – 18th April 2007!

April 1, 2007

Web Analytics Association Premiere Corporate LogoWeb Analytics Wednesday is the world’s only distributed networking event for web analytics professionals. Open to everyone, practitioners and vendors alike, Web Analytics Wednesday is a free event allowing you to meet folks with similar work interests.Eric T. Peterson – Founder of the Web Analytics Wednesdays (WAW)

Jim Sterne, Founding President of the Web Analytics Association pinning Michaël Notté from Toyota Europe (one of the WAW speakers, see agenda below) with the WAA pin.

As some of you might already be aware, we are organising a Web Analytics Wednesday in Brussels capital of Europe this month. It won’t be the second wednesday of the month but the third due to the easter holidays. The Event is organized by the WAA and courteously sponsored by de Persgroep.

As I had already the opportunity to comment on Eric’s blog, we would like to make the event a bit more ‘brainy’ by starting off with some knowledge/experiences sharing (you know us ;-)).

The theme for this WAW will be:

Insights about rolling out a Web Analytics project in a pan European perspective

Regarding this theme we will have 2 presentations coming from a practitionner and a consultant. We believe that these two visions are complementary and thus we hope that you will find it interesting (register).

Here’s the Agenda for the event: (more…)