Questions time: Web Analytics Vendors, what’s your unique selling proposition?


Emetrics London 2007Yesterday, during the Emetrics Summit in London we were given the opportunity to ask questions to a panel of Web Analytics vendors that covered most of the top players of the Industry. Jim called it the ‘Vendors Variety Hour‘. It was a pity that Ian Thomas could not participate as Microsoft hasn’t yet launched Gatineau 😉 (looking forward to see you in the panel next year).

Web Analytics Vendors Panel Emetrics Summit London 2007

From left to right we had:
SASOmnitureClickTracksWebSideStory (VS) – UnicaWebTrendsIndexToolsGoogle

Last year during the Emetrics there was a question ‘Vendors name one thing you do better than WebTrends‘. This year I decided to bring again the question, but with a twist ;-):
Vendors, what would be your unique selling proposition?‘ And the twist was for Avinash that was actively representing Google: ‘Avinash you cannot say that GA USP is it’s free‘.

The answers to the question were:

SAS: Instant deployment of Business Intelligence on an enterprise wide level.

Omniture: Online Optimization (cf. Touch Clarity)

ClickTracks: Web Analytics that Sucks Less (internal mantra). The iPod of Web Analytics

WebSideStory: Moving away from Web Analytics –> Customer Analytics (speaking about Visual Sciences)

Unica: Integrable back-end & drag&drop interface.

WebTrends: We are Marketing. Our relational Database allows a consolidated customer view.

IndexTools: Price, we give all our features for less.

Google Analytics: Democratized data. Google Adwords & Search Engine Marketing integration.

There were also other very interesting questions as (sorry if they are not in the same words, this is from memory):

  • Vendors, as Google analytics is a free tool that does a very decent job, why should I pay you to get a Web Analytics product?
  • Vendors, help me convince my CEO!
  • Vendors, how mush does it cost? You can read their answers to this question in the Yahoo Groups.
  • Vendors, how long does it takes to get your first report?
  • Vendors, regarding UI (User Interface), what features/functionality do you have to ease the access to your tool?

And of course, someone was looking for the magic pill 😉 (the silver bullet):

  • Vendors, imagine that a Genie came out of a lamp and could give you something instantly, it can be a feature for example. What would that be?

Regarding this last question I just wanted to share with you ClickTracks (Recognised by the community as the friendliest vendor ;-)) John Marshall‘s answer: Peace in the Middle-East!

I leave you with these words, and please if you think of any other questions, comment them hereunder, I’ll try to convince Jim to organise the same format in California ;-), so don’t hesitate to attend, it’s not yet sold out!

I wanted to congratulate the members of the panel for their courage and willingness to answer questions that were for some of them little tough 😉

Have a nice day,


P.S. Jim, if you have a picture of the panel, could you please send it? I’ll update the post with the picture. (Done, thank you Jim ;-))


4 Responses to “Questions time: Web Analytics Vendors, what’s your unique selling proposition?”

  1. Lars Says:

    It’s a challenge to create a good vendor panel. I know from experience. 🙂

    I would also like the ClickTracks bumper sticker: “We suck less”. 😉

    There were some other amusing bits from the panel too.

  2. Dennis R. Mortensen Says:

    I actually suggested Matthew and Jim that they created a “Shootout” format instead – so that you get 8 vendors ready to demonstrate LIVE any question asked. No bullshit – just SHOW ME HOW YOU DO A FILTER with multiple operators. And some will fail because of the tool, some will fail because of their skill set and some will shine as there it little marketing bluff to add when doing it live! 🙂

    Both John, Ian and Avinash are in… and so am I.

    Dennis R. Mortensen, COO at IndexTools
    My Web Analytics Blog – and my quick comments to Emetrics London 2007

  3. René Dechamps Otamendi Says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Sounds like ‘direct live accountability’! I really like it!
    Hope to have the opportunity to see it in an upcoming Emetrics event 😉


  4. Alex Says:

    I’m building an analytics service that’s specifically aimed at Ajax and Flash sites – I’d love to hear what you think:


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