Emetrics London 2007 (-1day: Web Analytics Gridlock)


Aurélie and I arrived at noon to London to attend the Emetrics summit (Siegert was joining us this evening).
The day started with a funny video sent by Jim this morning that I saw while I was having my morning coffee (Jim please keep doing these they are really refreshing!):

So, what have we been up today?
After we arrived Aurélie and I took the advantage of the fine weather to walk and have a little something to eat at ‘Pret à Manger’ (as Panos is one of our clients I wanted to see the UK version ;-)).
The afternoon, we had the pleasure to have a chat with Jim Sterne before dining with Avinash.

Jim told us about the 3 types of ‘profiles’ that we encounter in the Emetrics: Vendors, Consultants and Practitionners.
The vendors are very good on the technical side and they know their product but they unfortunately very often lack the business angle. The consultants understand the business side, but usually they don’t get their hands into the ‘menure’. And finally the practitioners (the Web Analyst working inside companies), they have the experience and the knowledge but they can not speak about it (sounds familiar?).
Funny to hear from someone else what we have seen on the market 😉

Afterwards, Aurélie and I went to have diner with Avinash. The discussion was really refreshing and instructive (I hope it was also for you Avinash ;-)). I really like Avinash, he’s so passionate about Web Analytics, now that he has decided to become an independent consultant (I recommend anyone serious about Web Analytics to hire him for a little evangelization mission). As Avinash is now working for Google (I must admit that I’m a bit jealous that his first client is Google ;-)) we took this opportunity to debrief the GAAC training, that Aurélie attended last week with Julien and Claudiu, and our views about the future of Google Analytics. It was a really interesting conversation and I think that we will need a couple of days to digest it.
After diner, we went to the bar were Siegert joined us to discuss current projects and we are all very excited about what we will be seeing the coming days…

We’ll keep you posted!


4 Responses to “Emetrics London 2007 (-1day: Web Analytics Gridlock)”

  1. Avinash Kaushik Says:


    The dinner was wonderful, the conversation was sparkling and all in all a great evening. Thank you!!


  2. René Dechamps Otamendi Says:

    Hi Avinash,

    The pleasure was ours 😉 It’s always so refreshing to have passionate discussions with you around Web Analytics! And the presentation you gave was really great yesterday. I’m sure aurélie will post something about it in the coming days.

    All the best at Google!


  3. Lars Says:

    It was really nice to meet you all. I imagine there must have been a lot of energy in the room when both Avinash and René were present.

    Jim’s profiling is interesting, especially the description of practitioners. I know from my WAWs that people really appreciate practitioner presentations but that it’s easier to find consultants that will be happy to talk.

  4. René Dechamps Otamendi Says:

    Hi Lars,

    It was very good also get to meet you in person. Regarding the energy, I don’t know what you mean 😉 When we went to have dinner the three of us it was more a passionate discussion between Aurélie and Avinash, I was just the one paying the bill 😉


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