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BeCommerce Awards 2007Following the example of Julien with his research on the web analytics tools used by CAC40, IBEX35 and DAX30 companies, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the 2006 and 2007 BeCommerce Awards winners (see post BeCommerce Awards 2007) as well, to get an idea if the best of Belgian eCommerce is doing any web analytics überhaupt and which is their prefered tool.

To be complete, I also included the companies which were attributed the BeCommerce Label (and this for the first time in Belgium). These companies received this label as their ecommerce website fullfilled different conditions such as respecting the privacy, solving complaints, prtecticting minors, etc.
As they respresent the best of breed, I wondered if they analyse their web site behavior to improve their Return On Investment?

Let’s start with the list of winners and label owners, and the web analytics tool they use:

  Company WA Tool
2006 n/a
Ryanair WebTrends
Fortis Google Analytics
Lensworld Google Analytics
Brantano n/a
Bivolino Google Analytics n/a
Hostbasket Google Analytics Google Analytics
Cottonhouse Google Analytics
Bikkembergs Football Google Analytics
Brico n/a
Di-bag Google Analytics
Delhaize Wineworld n/a
Ethias Nedstat
Ijsboerke WebSideStory n/a
Gameloop phpMyVisits
FNAC Google Analytics n/a
Neckermann Nedstat
Dexia Nedstat
3Suisses Google Analytics
Azur Google Analytics
Komplett Google Analytics
La Redoute inhouse tool
Mediadis Nedstat
Neckermann Nedstat
Proxis Google Analytics
Unigro n/a
Unikadoo n/a

Comments regarding the results…

A lot of Google Analytics! 42%. Why? It’s free and gives a basic view of your site behavior. However it doesn’t provide any indepth commerce analysis linked to this site behavior, although you can include info regarding revenue, product SKU, product family and quantity ordered. And it it is possible to link it to your AdWords reports, and to other campaign types to a certain level.
The question is of course: do any of these companies really make use of the basic commerce features within GA? I am very curious about it, so I invite them to comment in this post.

Four of the sites are even using a second tool, in most of the cases we are talking about a basic counter, such as StatCounter adn Belstat. I have n idea why they are doing this. Maybe it is something that is still included from the beginning and tehy forgot to remove it, but these statistics doesn’t give us any valuable information.
3Suisses is also using Edatis, which offers solutions for online marketing, including a web statistics package. I jnow to little about this tool to comment, but it looks like they have ecommerce reports included as well.

We also bumped into 1 PHPMyVisits, which is a free tool as well but it doesn’t include any commerce integration at all.

In total 68% uses a Web Analytics tool based on a tagging solution. Which isn’t bad.BeCommerce Awards winners WA share
However, by just clicking some random pages on the different sites, I quickly saw that not all sites were tagged appropriate. In other words, not all pages had a tag included. For example, Fortis and BikkembergsFootball. Both are using Google Analytics, but not all pages have been tagged correctly. For BikkembergsFootball even only the homepage is tagged, probably because the rest of this very nice looking web site is pure flash, and let’s be honest, it takes some time to tag a flash site appropriately.
This also means that the reports become far from reliable.
We often see clients struggling with the process of automated inclusion of tagging their website. Different solutions are possible but I refer you to a recent post of Julien titled ‘On tag placement and related mechanisms…‘.

And finally, 32% doesn’t use a visible web analytics tool, clearly illustrates a lack of WA strategy adoption. (By “visible”, we exclude pure web server logfile-based solutions.)
It is possible that these companies base their site’s succes on the orders coming in. Hopefully revenue increases when you make some changes to your site, or when you send out a newsletter, but you can only base this conclusion on guesses.

Let me give you some examples of how far you can go with a web analytics tool, which also offers indepth ecommerce reports, and how you can further increase your revenue based on clear facts.

Talking about web analytics tools approriate for ecommerce sites I mean WebTrends Analytics, WebSideStory HBX, Omniture SiteCatalyst and CoreMetrics. This last one is not that known in Europe but is the analytics tool for many big ecommerce companies in the Sates.
In the list of BeCommerce winners and Labels, neither CoreMetrics, nor Omniture are present as used web analytics solution. WebTrends (Ryanair has a global contract with WebTrends) and WebSideStory are only used once!
Definitely strange though that international financial companies such as Fortis and Dexia are still using basic reporting. You should think that they would use a tool which could be integrated in a more business intelligence environment, where other channels are integrated as well. Although a lot of companies aren’t there yet.
So let me show you some examples of ecommerce reports integrated with site behavior:

  • Scenario Analysis or Conversion Funnel
    This report is being used and to understand the conversions between each step. With Scenario Analysis you can analyze the level of abandonment from page to pagescenario_analysis.gif within the scenario. Analyzing your whole scenario will give you conversion and abandonment rates. We also get an insight in where people entered the scenario from, and where they went to when they exited the scenario at that step.


  • Campaign drilldown with orders & revenue inluded
    products_by_campaign.gif This view shows where people entered the scenario from, and where they went to when they exited the scenario at that step, or abandoned the scenario.


  • Buyers vs. non-buyersproducts_by_buyers.gif
    You can combine product detail and visitor segmentation to provide
    merchandising managers with buyer activity for specific products


There are plenty more, but I hope you can already see how indepth you can go. Ok, it takes some time to put the correct tags and configure the reports, but it’s worthwhile, and you have to think on the long term.
I you want more info, you know where to find us! 😉

Siegert Dierickx
siegert dot dierickx [at] webanalytics dot be

UPDATE 26/03/07: Following a comment we have reanalysed the Bikkembergs Football website and it is correctly taggued with Google Analytics.


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  1. These Days Labs » Blog Archive » We claim flash measurement! Says:

    […] be honest, it takes some time to tag a flash site appropriately.” And I quote this from a post of the blog. This business unit from OX2 is the self proclaimed measurement specialist in Belgium, so […]

  2. Siegert Dierickx Says:

    Dear These Days,

    Although you didn’t put your comments regarding my post ‘BeCommerce Awards Winners & Web Analytics’ directly on to our blog (which I regret), I do feel obliged to react on it.

    First of all I want to offer my apologies if I have written any wrong information in my post regarding the Google Analytics tagging of the Bikkembergs Football website. I did my analysis in the beginning of March (the 7th to be exact) and at that time I didn’t see any GA tags on the web site except for the homepage. For your info, I am using the IEWatch plugin to verify the different HTTP requests that are send from the different web pages.
    Either the flash events weren’t tagged at that time, either the mistake is mine (or the plugin didn’t do a proper job) in which case I do apologise.
    In any case, I have taken another look at the site today and I see that all links and flash pages indeed have a GA tag (in fact I see 4 GA requests being sent per ‘page’, but I guess this has to do with the specific method of tagging flash you are talking about and hads to do with the structure of your web site?)

    Regarding measuring a flash web site, I have never said it was difficult. But it is time consuming (much depending on the structure of your web site), and it is easy to make mistakes (such as forgetting to tag certain onclick events).
    We also measure flash sites ourselves, with WebTrends and Google Analytics, and once you decided on the events to measure and the reports you need, it is all about processes.
    I invite you to take a look at the most recent one we’ve tagged:

    And last but not least, we didn’t self proclaim to be the web analytics specialist in Belgium! We are too humble for that 😉
    People like Avinash Kaushik and Eric Peterson, both internationally known Web Analytics Gurus with a long history, recognise us for our knowledge and for our help maturing the market, and not only in Belgium. Also note that we are the only European members of the WebTrends Insight Network (a small network of around 20 companies that are considered by WebTrends as ‘best partners’).
    But at least it’s good to know our competition values our opinion as a self proclaimed WA expert as much as to read what we post on the subject!

    Anyway, congrats again with the Bikkembergs Football site and the BeCommerce award it won.

    Best regards,

    P.S. I have updated the post following a reanalysis today.
    (Comment cross posted on These Days Labs)

  3. Steven Verbruggen Says:

    Hi Siegert, our response on our blog!


  4. Samay Says:

    Ya, Google Analytics is better and its free too!
    We have just installed google analytics on our website. The classic that is the old format
    is much easier for us as we are new to it. However the new one is a bit complex.

  5. guillaume Says:

    Hello Siegert,

    Thank you for this great article
    I have already worked with omniture, webtrends and hbx
    Even if, omniture is a little expensive, it’s the best tool i use.

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