Our new WebAnalytics.be website is online!


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I know that our previous WA website was not very user-friendly (our stats confirmed that). It’s been over a year that we wanted to change it but as usual we always had more important projects to work (our clients’). Hopefully, thanks to the arrival of Julien we have been able to come up with a new version.

WebAnalytics DesignThe design has been implemented by Manuela (view her portfolio). Her purpose was to illustrate a complex concept as Web Analytics through appealing and somehow shocking (or at least ironic) images without loosing the objective to get the right message across. The nature themes were already present in our previous WebAnalytics.be communications and we wanted to pursue that path and bring something new. We continued using green as a main color to keep a coherent graphical identity.

Every concept (one per main section) has been divided in two steps (two images and texts) to reflect the most common mistake that we see around Web analytics: it’s not as obvious as you might think. Very often we speak with potential clients that get a wrong idea about Web analytics, we always have to explain that in WA there are NO SILVER BULLETS or as Avinash would like to say, tools are not everything, what you do with them is what matters.

The structure of the design reflects the divine proportion rule to evoke the mathematical and natural balance that exists within Web Analytics. It also evokes continuous improvements (never ending cycle). The messages are voluntarily short and clear to create impact and reflection in contrast with mainly vendor related content.

We have tried to keep it simpler than the previous version, so I hope that it will be easier for you to browse through.

Please if you have any comment or suggestion, don’t hesitate to post it here or send it directly to rdo AT ox2 DOT be.

Enjoy 😉


4 Responses to “Our new WebAnalytics.be website is online!”

  1. Avinash Kaushik Says:

    I love the new site, bravo!

    I especially like the code of ethics on this page:


    Everyone should have one of these.


  2. Michael Notte Says:

    Congrats for the new site. It needed it 😉

    It’s true that some illustrations are quite er… “special” (e.g. the pig with the shoes) but it surely creates an impact.

    will you let us know if and how it improves you business objectives? 🙂


  3. René Dechamps Otamendi Says:

    Thanks for your encouragements and congrats again for your move, I’m sure you’ll like your new role. For those of you who still don’t know, Avinash has decided to become an independent consultant and his first client will be Google (not bad for a start ;-)). You’ll find more about this on his blog: http://www.kaushik.net/avinash

    Thanks also for the encouragements. The first objective was to shock a little bit, and it seems to work 😉 Otherwise from our first analyses (just 2 days of WA) we have seen a good increase of page views per visit but it’s to early to say if it’s a long term trend or just due to the new release. Time will say and yes I’ll keep you posted 🙂


  4. Webanalyticsbook Says:

    Site looks great! Really innovative! well done.

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