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So I’ve been listening to Max Raabe und das Palastorchester a bit too much lately but what can I say, this guy cracks me up 😀 But anyhow, to paraphrase Max (and Britney Spears – hallowed are her eBayed locks) : Oops, I did it again!

In this installment of European Stock Exchange companies and Web Analytics, I chose to examine the Frankfurt DAX30 index.

CAC40 & Web analytics

First of all, here is a description of each company site and which WA solution they use:

Company WA tool
Adidas WebSideStory
Allianz In-house
Altana n/a
BASF n/a
Bayer AG n/a
BMW WebTrends
Commerzbank n/a
Continental AG n/a
DaimlerChrysler Instadia
Deutsche Bank n/a
Deutsche Börse WebTrends
Deutsche Postbank n/a
Deutsche Telekom n/a
E.ON In-house
Fresenius Medical Care n/a
Henkel eTracker
Hypo Real Estate n/a
Infineon Technologies SiteStat
Linde AG WebTrends
Lufthansa In-house
MAN AwStats
METRO In-house
Munich Re (Münchener Rück) In-house
RWE n/a
SAP In-house
Schering n/a
Siemens In-house
ThyssenKrupp n/a
TUI WebSideStory
Volkswagen (VW) n/a

Lots of sites with very structured content, as isusually the case in Germany. Heavy usage of XML for page building, as well as CMS solutions such as RedDot and Typo3.

Speaking of Typo3, MAN chose to play the Opensource card by using Typo3 as their CMS and … Awstats as their tracking mechanism.

I’m sorry but this is when I get on my soapbox.
If anything, this blog post should send a very clear signal : do not use Awstats on a public production site.
You have been warned.
If you want to go Opensource all the way, go for PHPMyVisits (free) or even Mint (30€ lifetime license), which both run on PHP.

As far as Infineon’s use of SiteStat, I’ll let Aurélie do the honors 😉

On with the article, here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the now traditional split by solution:

WA Tool Share of DAX30
















DAX30 & WA toolsThat’s right people, 47% of DAX30 sites do not use visible Web Analytics tools, clearly illustrates a lack of WA strategy adoption. Again, by “visible, I voluntarily exclude pure web server logfile-based solutions.

If you remember our previous installments (CAC40, IBEX35), a large number of companies in these indexes did not use visible Web analytics tools, respectively 28% for France and 67% for Spain.

Let’s concentrate on the more interesting points, shall we?

One very interesting item of notice here is the fact that 23% of DAX30 companies use an in-house solution, usually running as a sub-application of the site or hosted by their own IT company. Good solution if reporting needs are minimal; good luck charting user behavior 😉

Also, we’re in WebTrends country, with 10% market share but strangely enough, not where I expected it. WebTrends shines as a software solution, which makes it ideal for banks, insurance companies and other companies for which data collection, processing and storage have to stay in-house or in a contained environment. Webtrends is definitely here as an historical actor but, unlike France and Spain, there is no sign in this DAX30 study that newcomers are bringing a fresh alternative.

WebSideStory is here at 7% : is it time to push for Visual Sciences just yet? Adidas and TUI group would be ideal companies for VS.
However, the fact that 47% of DAX30 sites are not tagged is a good sign the market is not mature enough for tagged and advanced WA solutions.

Speaking of newcomers, there is of course Instadia…erm, wait, guess not 😉 Volkswagen had just signed a global deal with Instadia before the Omniture Purchase (move over, Louisiana!) and it is yet unknown whether VW will go ahead with the deal and use Omniture SiteCatalyst instead. Stay tuned.

Among others, we find eTracker, a local vendor that offers a solution very similar to XiTi‘s.

In conclusion, we are faced with a market that failed to embrace Javascript, tag-based Web Analytics solutions. Even if some share of the 47% were to be split across yet another cohort of in-house traffic logging solutions, Web Analytics are not sufficiently present in the DAX30 where companies should lead by example.

I mean come ON, we have SAP in that list and they’re using an in-house solution, for crying out loud.

Stop seeing Web Analytics as a mere gadget when it should be part of your company’s business intelligence paradigms.

On that note, auf Wiedersehen and see you next report!

As always, constructive criticism is always welcome! 😉

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