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CAC40 & Web analyticsFollowing our previous study of CAC40 companies (FR) and their use of Web Analytics tools, here is a similar study that I ran on IBEX35 companies, the IBEX35 being the Spanish stock exchange index.

Here are our findings:

  • A staggering 62.7% of IBEX companies do not use a visible Web Analytics solution.
    By visible I mean Javascript-, tag-based solutions. If the companies listed below are indeed using a logfile solution, I suggest using the comments section to discuss this further.
  • The remaining 37.3% are split between Google Analytics, WebSideStory’s HBX, DoubleClick’s Spotlight, Nielsen’s Netratings SiteCensus and RedSheriff (now part of Netratings) with Nielsen solutions tracking 14% of the IBEX sites.

Here is a breakdown of WA tool usage per IBEX35 company:

Company WA tool
Abertis Infraestructuras DoubleClick Spotlight
Acciona, S.A. n/a
Acerinox n/a
Actividades de Construccion y Servicios n/a
Aguas de Barcelona n/a
Altadis n/a
Antena 3 De Television RedSheriff
Banco Español De Credito n/a
Banco Popular Espanol n/a
Banco Sabadell n/a
Bankinter WebSideStory HBX
Bbv Argentaria WebSideStory HBX
Cintra Conc.Infra.De Tran n/a
Enagas n/a
Endesa, S.A. Netratings SiteCensus
Fadesa Inmobiliaria Google Analytics
Fomento Const.Y Contratas n/a
Gamesa Corp. Tecnologica n/a
Gas Natural Sdg S.A. DoubleClick Spotlight
Gestevision Telecinco n/a
Grupo Ferrovial n/a
Grupo Prisa n/a
Iberdrola n/a
Iberia L.Aereas De España Google Analytics
Ind.De Diseño Textil n/a
Indra Sistemas S/A Netratings SiteCensus
Metrovacesa WebTrends
Red Electrica De España n/a
Repsol Ypf n/a
Sacyr Vallehermoso Weborama
Santander Central Hispano n/a
Sogecable n/a
Telefonica, S.A. RedSheriff
Union Fenosa n/a
Corporacion Mapfre Netratings SiteCensus

Now here is the breakdown of IBEX per WA tool:

WA tool IBEX35 Share
n/a 62.70%
Netratings + RedSheriff 14.30%
Doubleclick Spotlight 5.72%
Google Analytics 5.72%
WebSideStory HBX 5.72%
WebTrends 3%
Weborama 3%

With Nielsen solutions at 14% and DoubleClick at almost 6%, that’s 20% of sites tracked by historical site counter providers

Seeing Google Analytics and WebSideStory tied, it’s kind of reassuring to see both a major WA vendor and a newcomer in that listing, especially since the list is so short to begin with 😉

Speaking of historical actors, WebTrends at 3% …which brings me to log-based solutions that do not appear in this study; Spain seems to have a history of WebTrends usage, along with AwStats et al. but… rumor has it that a lot of Spanish WebTrends users never upgraded to version 7 because of licence cost considerations, which would effectively explain any drop in WebTrends usage.

And finally, we find Weborama, a sign this French vendor took advantage of their recent development in Madrid.

As for the reason why WA tools are not more widespread in a country such as Spain – which has received a tremendous amount of Internet exposure in the past 5 years – I am still at a loss 😦

Hopefully you found this study interesting; feel free to post comments and opinions. I know René is pressuring me to provide further studies so consider this an installment in an upcoming series I like to call “WA EuroIndex” 😉

Stay tuned!

[ES] Por supuesto, sus comentarios en castellano son bienvenidos ; René y yo podremos responder 🙂


4 Responses to “IBEX35 & Web Analytics”

  1. pere rovira Says:

    Hola, soy Pere de Barcelona…
    I’d like to know, if that’s possible, how did you find out which tools do they use.
    Muchas gracias!

  2. Julien Coquet Says:

    Hola Pere,

    multiple methods were used, including:

    * Looking at the source code for specific image request and Javascript tagging

    *Use a http headers analyser such as Tamper Data or LiveHTTPHeaders for Firefox or IEWatch for.. IE 😉 and look for WA tool requests

    * In Firefox, look at Page Info then Media and check for images with funky querystrings 😉

    Siempre a tu servicio 😉

  3. patrick Says:

    Salut Julien,

    Although it may not be visible that companies may actually be tagging their pages with web analytic tool but they could be using log analysis. Do you still think the probability of some sort of analytics for those +60% of companies is possible?

    Would love to see if you have any update of the WA EuroIndex.

    Best regards.


  4. BEL20 & Web Analytics « Web Analytics .be Blog Says:

    […] can see, 60% of BEL20 companies have not implemented a visible Web Analytics tools. We just found a sparring partner for Spain… except that Spain has a market 4 times the size of Belgium’s! So it’s reassuring […]

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