Deutsche Bank’s Small Cap Growth Conference 2007


Deustche Bank - A Passion to Perform.One of my favorite former employers, Deutsche Bank, will be holding as from the 12th of February their Securities 2007 Small Cap Growt Conference in Naples, Florida. The reason I’m wirting about this is the mention of Omniture’s participation, during last week’s audio cast. Interestingly enough, they weren’t the only ones I overheard last week that would participate.

As I was researching for an article about Business Intelligence & Web Analytics this week, other companies mentioned the exact same event.
Reason enough to take a peak at who would be there and what would be made available.
The following link sums up the companies attending with links towards their webcasts, if these are made available (which is not clear at this moment).

Companies attending that are currently of interest to me are: RightNow Technologies, Unica, Omniture with Josh James & Michael Herring, Informatica Corp., WebMethods, .. and I’ll leave you discover the rest.

Interestingly enough, this site also encouraged me to take a look at Deutsche Bank’s fine Think Tank, led by Prof. Norbert Walter.
One of Deutsche Bank’s Research papers once again caught my eyes: The Dawn of Technological convergence where authors Antje Stobbe & Tobias Just, back in May 2006, declined their vision of convergence as follows:

  1. Innovations drive convergence;
  2. New competitive relationships determine corporate strategies;
  3. Alliance across industries are becoming more valuable;
  4. We are just at the beginning of the convergence process;
  5. Technical capabilities are no garantee of market success;
  6. Standardisation is the major task moving forward.

What you can always count on is that time passes by. So, point 4 is kind of not true anymore: we are a bit more ahead in terms of technological convergence than when the paper was written.
Does this mean it can already be commented upon? Maybe. At least, I would love the opportunity to mention certain parts of this document and link them to what our little Web analytics business unit face on a daily basis.

Let’s start with point 6 and move that on right towards the Web Analytics Assocation and please allow me to move into their, quite briskly and freely, actors such as the IAB as both associations seem to hold Standardisation Committees. In terms of Web Analytics and I’m sure my colleagues of Advertising Agencies (preferably online so that we all get a better idea about what we are actually talking about) will agree with me, some kind of standard would be really much appreciated. Let’s add to that the SME guys and we would have a quite interesting party rolling here.
Yes, yes, Web analytics vendors would indeed be invited if and only if they leave their long faces at the door, please: there’s enough money to be made here for everyone so would you mind?

Ok, I’ll be nice, promised. Let’s share reflections.

Within the above mentioned paper, the bottom of page 7 made me smile and encouraged me to read on: “Companies in high-wage countries are thus forced into intensive innovation competition“. Being a professional within the online sector since 1999, this really makes me smile as I’ve seen so many sectors evolve over time. From Amazon’s bell that rung everytime they made an online sale to the latest Second Life stats.

Page 11 even goes into “repercussions on indirectly affected sectors”, citing classical print media, film & music industries and my new found friends, the advertising industry.
For those who know a bit about me, they know that I’ve been struggling with media for the past few years.
I was flabergasted when I read:
“… publishers will have to give more thought in future to exit strategies, particularly as the print media are losing ley sources of revenue to new media. A case in point is the shift of employment ads from newspapers to the internet“.
Thank you! I’m happy to read that the paper I wrote 2 years ago was actually in the same line of thought. I didn’t add the notion of exit strategy though…

Related to the advertising industry: “…improved means of monitoring advertising effectiveness are clear advantages of convergence for the advertising industry“. Yeap, agree with that one as well. Wouldn’t be in this business otherwise.

An interesting paper in any case. I would have appreciated the opportunity of adding comments but couldn’t find the option. Login in didn’t work either, unfortunately.
I couldn’t help but wonder how Deutsche Bank could monitor that following a search through their domain, I landed upon the domain, coming initially from No Web Analytics tags were found. Sorry, I’m being cheaky.

Curious about the webcasts. They start on the 12th.


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