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This non Web Analytics post to praise an excellent presentation of a teacher and consultant in strategic marketing in The Netherlands. He teaches at the the Nyenrode University, the ‘Harvard Business School’ of The Netherlands.

I wanted to highlight one of the first slides of the presentation:

Take a look around:

China wakes up; globalization of markets
Cultural integration and differentiation
The European neighbourhood expands
Technological innovation & sophistication
The ‘Senseo Syndrome’: competing through alliances
Blurring of market boundaries: who’s our customer?
The (Inter)networked economy
Individualization: fitness for the body and the mind?
‘User communities’: flower power in the 2000s
Volatile economic developments
Economic crises
Market saturation
Agility of markets
Seemingly unpredictable trends
Acquiescence to innovation
Quality becomes a ‘hygiene factor’
Commoditization of markets
The postmodern, hedonic tredmill goes berserk
Introduction of the Euro-currency
Government intervention
Knowledge-intensive nature of supply
The service economy requires professionalisation
Loyalty of outspoken and critical customers?
Short time-to-market
An abundance of data, a lack of knowledge
Reach and richness through new media
Winner-takes-all-market strategies
Foreign political instability
Industry shake-outs
Enronitis? Hell from Shell? Ahold or “A Hold Up”? Ethics!
Market deregulation: our national markets become anybody’s game!
From high-priced original to low-priced copy in seconds
Short PLC’s and fast-cycle product obsolescence
Increasing nontransparency and blurring of market boundaries
Non-differentiating innovation leads to ‘uniform diversity’
Hypercompetition instead of hypermonopolies
Exploding marketing expenditures
New channels: global, interactive, click-to-click
Consumer amnesia in the information clutter
CRM : “Conveniently Repackaged Marketing”?

You can download the presentation here.

What do you think? Aren’t we living interesting times?


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