Web Analytics 2007, the battle for privacy?


Reflecting with a sunsetSorry about the silence.
I was breathing out, taking the liberty to focus internally on the growth of my department and my clients needs.
These are evolving as budgets are increasingly being shifted towards web based initiatives and the online channel.
And we all know what this means: increased accountability made possible through better use of the knowledge and decisions taken based on our preferred sector, yes, Web Analytics!

In parallel, pressure is also being put upon a number of sectors such as media/press, energy, financial, … to find new ways of creating value, gain or sustain market share in order to assure financial growth of the corporations these sectors are made of.
Financial markets are becoming less asymmetrical with regards to information (yes Pascal, MotleyFool is a wonderful site!) and share holders are more dispersed than they used to be. OK, Wall Street’s still there as the financial beating heart of our planet (for more information, read Jacques Attali, Une Brève Histoire de l’Avenir) and as Jacques would have it, the innovative heart would also be on the same continent (this time for Xavier: you seem to be on the right side of the Ocean… for now).

But as Jacques would also have it, economical hearts move and unlike some former bosses in my career would have it, we are indeed on our way to a technological revolution.
By fear of sounding too much like Che Guevara, let’s just assume that, as Bob Dylan would peacefully sing, “The Times They Are a-hangin'”.

In our little -but oh so promising- Web Analytics world, storms also seem to appear on the horizon. I for one in any case feel the winds rising.
Increased interest by venture capitalists, as Robin mentioned, and CEO moves as well as new sales tactics are entering the arena. A new interesting breed of Web Analytics consultants – some from parent sectors such as SME – has taken the path opened by ZAAZ, Enlighten, Semphonic and the likes.

Data is the essence of decision making.
Accurate and correct usage of data is vital to the survival of our community as I like to believe that, like Buthan, we work for Growth National Happiness and not merely GDP.
I believe our economy is biased by the way it is calculated. I have a problem with GDP if it’s the only metric taken into account for the calculation of what should be our “utility”. As an economist, I choose to translate “utility” to happiness and would be very interested in substracting externalities to the “added value” calculations of major corporations and countries. Among other things 😉

I would also like very much to protect my hard-fought privacy.
The acquisition of Instadia by Omniture some 10 days ago suddenly gave rise, following an enlightening conversation, to a privacy issue debate.
Will Omniture set up European data centers in order to support Instadia’s ClientStep clients (major financial institutions, among others) under European law?
Feedback on this blog is more than welcome. From Omniture of course but also other members of the WA community.

A special thank you to Avinash for his continuous support.
Avi, did you see this? Muhammad Yunus on his Nobel Prize

All this can also be better understood by watching Jeremy Rifkin, also author of the European Dream.

Have a nice week and let me know what you think.



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  1. Xavier Says:

    Plenty of innovative hearts in Europe, but not as many tools as here… but things are changing, right?

    IM me: http://www.wambo.com/sjjVxR8s06YW1is8

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