Top 10 Web Analytics Blogs (we’re on it ;-))


This quick post to let you know that Avinash has issued his latest ranking of Web analytics Blogs, and we are very proud to announce that we are on this list representing Europe 😉

Here’s the complete top 10 ranking:

1. Google Analytics Blog by Jeff Gills
2. Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik
3. Web Metrics Guru by Marshall Sponder
4. Web Analytics World by Manoj Jasra
5. Eric Peterson’s Analytics Weblog by Eric Peterson
6. Unofficial Google Analytics Blog by Michael Harrison
7. Increasing your website’s conversion rate by Robbin Steif
8. Lies, Damned Lies… by Ian Thomas
9. Instant Cognition by Clint Ivy
10. Blog by Aurélie Pols

Thanks Avinash for your comments and yes, we’ll try to blog more often. I know that this past weeks Aurélie and I haven’t had many contributions 😉 I hope you’ll forgive us, but the business is booming for OX2 since the begining of the year. Aurélie’s Web Analytics team has doubled since october and we haven’t finished hiring…

On the other hand Aurélie is taking some time to reflect about everything she saw, discussed and heard in 2006, ranging from your first encounter in London to Eric’s demo of Visual Sciences at Washington. She decided to get back to her clients and build up her team, in order to assure that all this Web analytics discussions would not be limitted to a handful of very enthousiastic bizare people 😉

She’s also preparing our new website, and she’ll be back before spring time, she promisses 😉


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