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E-commerce: where do we stand today?

February 28, 2007

eCommerceI guess we live in an age where everything starts with an ‘e’.

E-mail, e-learning, e-governance, e-Europe….

Commerce has entered this group of new concepts a while ago.

If you think of e-commerce, don’t lose sight of EDI, Electronic Data Interchange. Internet is the driver of growth of e-commerce if we consider former electronic networks besides the internet as part of it. It would make little sense to talk about revenues without considering the spending and the effort behind them, this is why we’ll also look at adspend figures around Europe in connection to internet consumption.


1er forum eMarketing – février 2007

February 26, 2007


OX2 a envoyé un petit comité exploratoire au 1er forum eMarketing à Paris, qui se tenait du 12 au 13 février 2007 dans les bâtiments de la Cité des Sciences de la Vilette, comité composé de Julien et de moi-même.

Voici un focus qui porte principalement sur les conférences du 13 février sur le ROI et les Web Analytics.

BeCommerce Awards 2007

February 23, 2007

BeCommerce Awards 2007Op 13 februari 2007 werd de 2e editie van de BeCommerce Awards georganiseerd, door Inside en BeCommere (BDMV), en waar één van de hoofdsponsors was. Dit event ging dit jaar door in de prachtige gebouwen van de Concert Noble, en trok meer volk dan de vorige editie. Een feit waarop we ons alleen maar kunnen verheugen, al blijft er nog veel werk aan de (online) winkel wat betreft wetgeving en standardisatie, zodat de ‘webshop’ ook betrouwbaarder wordt bij de consument.

Maar hieraan wordt volop gewerkt. Hetgeen ook bevestigd werd door de aanwezigheid van Piet Van Baeveghem, kabinetchef van minister Marc Verwilghen (Economie, Energie, Buitenlandse Handel en Wetenschapsbeleid), en de uitreiking van de eerste BeCommerce Certificatie labels. (more…)

Web Analytics & the Belgian Press Sector

February 21, 2007

There has been much writing these past months around the Belgian press. Well, I should say the French-speaking Belgian press, as they sued Google because of Google News (for more about this subject view the NYT article).

The Economist - NewspapersThe press sector is also one in which the Internet is bringing more change. I remember a few months ago The Economist did a special report about the future of newspapers called ‘Who killed the Newspaper‘, even if the dossier was a bit controversial (too negative about the future for some people) it precisely  highlighted the issue that the press is dealing with right now.

This is why we asked Claudiu (our WA Researcher) a new member of our team to make a little study about this sector here in Belgium. Before going into the results, let me share the methodology that we followed. (more…)

IBEX35 & Web Analytics

February 15, 2007

CAC40 & Web analyticsFollowing our previous study of CAC40 companies (FR) and their use of Web Analytics tools, here is a similar study that I ran on IBEX35 companies, the IBEX35 being the Spanish stock exchange index.

Here are our findings:

  • A staggering 62.7% of IBEX companies do not use a visible Web Analytics solution.
    By visible I mean Javascript-, tag-based solutions. If the companies listed below are indeed using a logfile solution, I suggest using the comments section to discuss this further.
  • The remaining 37.3% are split between Google Analytics, WebSideStory’s HBX, DoubleClick’s Spotlight, Nielsen’s Netratings SiteCensus and RedSheriff (now part of Netratings) with Nielsen solutions tracking 14% of the IBEX sites.


Deutsche Bank’s Small Cap Growth Conference 2007

February 11, 2007

Deustche Bank - A Passion to Perform.One of my favorite former employers, Deutsche Bank, will be holding as from the 12th of February their Securities 2007 Small Cap Growt Conference in Naples, Florida. The reason I’m wirting about this is the mention of Omniture’s participation, during last week’s audio cast. Interestingly enough, they weren’t the only ones I overheard last week that would participate.

As I was researching for an article about Business Intelligence & Web Analytics this week, other companies mentioned the exact same event.
Reason enough to take a peak at who would be there and what would be made available.
The following link sums up the companies attending with links towards their webcasts, if these are made available (which is not clear at this moment).

Companies attending that are currently of interest to me are: RightNow Technologies, Unica, Omniture with Josh James & Michael Herring, Informatica Corp., WebMethods, .. and I’ll leave you discover the rest.

Interestingly enough, this site also encouraged me to take a look at Deutsche Bank’s fine Think Tank, led by Prof. Norbert Walter. (more…)

Business Roadmapping

February 11, 2007

Roadmap Future

This non Web Analytics post to praise an excellent presentation of a teacher and consultant in strategic marketing in The Netherlands. He teaches at the the Nyenrode University, the ‘Harvard Business School’ of The Netherlands.

I wanted to highlight one of the first slides of the presentation:

Take a look around:

China wakes up; globalization of markets
Cultural integration and differentiation
The European neighbourhood expands
Technological innovation & sophistication
The ‘Senseo Syndrome’: competing through alliances
Blurring of market boundaries: who’s our customer?
The (Inter)networked economy
Individualization: fitness for the body and the mind?
‘User communities’: flower power in the 2000s
Volatile economic developments
Economic crises
Market saturation
Agility of markets
Seemingly unpredictable trends
Acquiescence to innovation
Quality becomes a ‘hygiene factor’
Commoditization of markets
The postmodern, hedonic tredmill goes berserk
Introduction of the Euro-currency
Government intervention
Knowledge-intensive nature of supply
The service economy requires professionalisation
Loyalty of outspoken and critical customers?
Short time-to-market
An abundance of data, a lack of knowledge
Reach and richness through new media
Winner-takes-all-market strategies
Foreign political instability
Industry shake-outs
Enronitis? Hell from Shell? Ahold or “A Hold Up”? Ethics!
Market deregulation: our national markets become anybody’s game!
From high-priced original to low-priced copy in seconds
Short PLC’s and fast-cycle product obsolescence
Increasing nontransparency and blurring of market boundaries
Non-differentiating innovation leads to ‘uniform diversity’
Hypercompetition instead of hypermonopolies
Exploding marketing expenditures
New channels: global, interactive, click-to-click
Consumer amnesia in the information clutter
CRM : “Conveniently Repackaged Marketing”?

You can download the presentation here.

What do you think? Aren’t we living interesting times?

A Web Analytics Code of Ethics

February 9, 2007

EthicsAs I’ve been talking to more and more web analytics vendors over the course of the past few months, I’m starting to feel very unconfortable about the discrepency in timing and objectives between my little Web Analytics business unit and …. them.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about company culture lately and I can’t help myself but come to the conclusion that we are very different. This difference in company culture stems from the differences in short term objectives. Add to that that we are European company and you might end up with some friction.

My reassurance lies in 2 things:

  1. Even though (short term) objectives are not identical, long term ones are;
  2. the market is big enough for all parties involved.

As Avinash stated on his post about Indianapolis’ redemption, this is not a zero sum game.

One vendor has understood that their business is to build tools. They leave the usage of the tool and it’s potential upgrades to it’s partners and clients. In the form of a collaborative network.


Web Analytics Wednesday (WAW) Kick-off @ Amsterdam

February 8, 2007

Web Analytics AssociationLast week, Aurélie and I were invited for the kick-off of the Web Analytics Wednesdays in Amsterdam. As Brussels and Amsterdam is only 200km next from each other, and we are addicted to ‘de enige echte Hollandse drop’, we didn’t hesitate long to jump in our car.

Before I go into detail about the event in Amsterdam, for those who haven’t a clue what Web Analytic Wednesdays are all about (I assume 90% of the readers of this blog already attended at least 1 WAW), here are some facts (see also Web Analytics Wednesday F.A.Q.):

  • Definition: Web Analytics Wednesday is the world’s only distributed networking event for web analytics professionals. Open to everyone, practitioners and vendors alike, Web Analytics Wednesday is a free event allowing you to meet folks with similar work interests.
  • Founded by Eric T. Peterson, author of Web Analytics Demystified and Web Site Measurement Hacks
  • Topics: Ideally you’d discuss web analytic topics like favorite vendors, how your company uses web analytics and staffing issues but everyone eventually tires of talking about work. Get to know people! Especially within this community I’m sure you’ll discover you have friends in common, have worked at the same places, etc. Whatever you discuss, have fun!
  • Calendar: Either visit the main Web Analytics Wednesday page at Web Analytics Demystified to see which events are scheduled for the coming month or, even better, subscribe to the RSS feed for Web Analytics Wednesday events.
  • Drinks: the first round is on WAA 🙂

Back to Amsterdam. The initiative for the first Dutch WAW was taken by Frans Appels from Netprofiler, and Nicole Niemann from Satama Interactive, and took place in the nice open kitchen of the Satama offices.
About 60 people subscribed for this event which is already a great succes, and shows that Web Analytics really lives in the Netherlands (and I can confirm also in the rest of the Benelux). Amongst the attendees there were some vendors (Nedstat was well represented with 4 – Moniforce – WSS), a lot of agencies and consultants (WA but also SEM), but also some end-users which are working with a WA tool since quite a while such as Vodafone, ING, PostcodeLotterij… (more…)

WebTrends recognized as the leader in Market Suitability in JupiterResearch’s report

February 7, 2007

WebTrends.comWebTrends, the market leader for web analytics and Marketing Performance Management solutions, today announced it was recognized as the leader in Market Suitability in JupiterResearch‘s report, “Web Analytics Constellation: Assessing Web Analytics Applications,” published on February 6, 2007. WebTrends out-scored all other web analytics vendors for its top ranking in market suitability, which was based on product pricing, critical feature set, standard feature set and product support cost. JupiterResearch mapped and ranked WebTrends available feature set against a pre-requisite feature set as determined by JupiterResearch, and interviewed vendor clients to assess the strength and availability of its services.

JupiterResearch“WebTrends has led the industry since the market’s inception, and we are thrilled to be named the top vendor for market suitability for the second consecutive time in Jupiter’s web analytics vendor evaluation,” said Greg Drew, CEO and president, WebTrends. “Over the past year, we’ve built-out a strong suite of solutions focused on marketers’ highest points of value including accurate comprehensive analytics, targeted relationship marketing and automated paid search optimization. This momentum, which has made WebTrends solutions the most award-winning in the industry, continues to accelerate.”

Read the full press release in the WebTrends News Room.

Notre CEO @ ApéroNet

February 6, 2007

Une interview de notre CEO, René Dechamps Otamendi, interrogé à l’occasion du dernier ApéroNet.

Lien : Les autres vidéo ApéroNet

Web Analytics 2007, the battle for privacy?

February 5, 2007

Reflecting with a sunsetSorry about the silence.
I was breathing out, taking the liberty to focus internally on the growth of my department and my clients needs.
These are evolving as budgets are increasingly being shifted towards web based initiatives and the online channel.
And we all know what this means: increased accountability made possible through better use of the knowledge and decisions taken based on our preferred sector, yes, Web Analytics!

In parallel, pressure is also being put upon a number of sectors such as media/press, energy, financial, … to find new ways of creating value, gain or sustain market share in order to assure financial growth of the corporations these sectors are made of.
Financial markets are becoming less asymmetrical with regards to information (yes Pascal, MotleyFool is a wonderful site!) and share holders are more dispersed than they used to be. OK, Wall Street’s still there as the financial beating heart of our planet (for more information, read Jacques Attali, Une Brève Histoire de l’Avenir) and as Jacques would have it, the innovative heart would also be on the same continent (this time for Xavier: you seem to be on the right side of the Ocean… for now).

But as Jacques would also have it, economical hearts move and unlike some former bosses in my career would have it, we are indeed on our way to a technological revolution.
By fear of sounding too much like Che Guevara, let’s just assume that, as Bob Dylan would peacefully sing, “The Times They Are a-hangin'”. (more…)

Top 10 Web Analytics Blogs (we’re on it ;-))

February 4, 2007

This quick post to let you know that Avinash has issued his latest ranking of Web analytics Blogs, and we are very proud to announce that we are on this list representing Europe 😉

Here’s the complete top 10 ranking:

1. Google Analytics Blog by Jeff Gills
2. Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik
3. Web Metrics Guru by Marshall Sponder
4. Web Analytics World by Manoj Jasra
5. Eric Peterson’s Analytics Weblog by Eric Peterson
6. Unofficial Google Analytics Blog by Michael Harrison
7. Increasing your website’s conversion rate by Robbin Steif
8. Lies, Damned Lies… by Ian Thomas
9. Instant Cognition by Clint Ivy
10. Blog by Aurélie Pols

Thanks Avinash for your comments and yes, we’ll try to blog more often. I know that this past weeks Aurélie and I haven’t had many contributions 😉 I hope you’ll forgive us, but the business is booming for OX2 since the begining of the year. Aurélie’s Web Analytics team has doubled since october and we haven’t finished hiring…

On the other hand Aurélie is taking some time to reflect about everything she saw, discussed and heard in 2006, ranging from your first encounter in London to Eric’s demo of Visual Sciences at Washington. She decided to get back to her clients and build up her team, in order to assure that all this Web analytics discussions would not be limitted to a handful of very enthousiastic bizare people 😉

She’s also preparing our new website, and she’ll be back before spring time, she promisses 😉