OX2 welcomes Julien Coquet


Multivariable TestingAfter 6 months looking for a Web Analyst to join our European Web Analytics Dreamteam we finally found him: Julien Coquet.

Julien is french and has been working for Capgemini in France for the past 5 years. During this time he has undertaken different Web Analytics projects and specially the European Web analytics project of HP using Omniture. He has also experience with WebSideStory and Google Analytics and we will train him in the coming weeks to our other Web Analytics supported tools (WebTrends & Instadia).

Julien will join then our existing team composed by Aurélie Pols, Siegert Dierickx and Guillaume Hermans. He will be invited to blog here, so you’ll have the opportunity to learn to know him better. You can read here his personal blog (english & french).

His EMEA Web Analytics deployment experience with Cap Gemini and HP will be very valuable as more and more we work for clients on a pan-European level. Among other things Julien will be in charge of the processes part of Web Analytics. As many of you might now Web Analytics Business Process has been recently recognised as one of the major points to be taken into account when dealing with Web Analytics (Thank you Eric).

Julien, welcome to Brussels the capital of Europe!

5 Responses to “OX2 welcomes Julien Coquet”

  1. Adrien Says:

    Congratulations Julien !

    Please come back in France sometimes 🙂

  2. Julien Coquet Says:

    Thanks for the introduction 😉

  3. mamoune Says:

    super ! mais je n’avais pas l’impression de t’avoir quitté depuis si longtemps 🙂

  4. amith Says:

    just figured out how is behind that wise old man(the lord of light) 😉 I’ll read through and get back,.. with comments 🙂

  5. OX2 Google Analytics Authorized Consultant « Web Analytics .be Blog Says:

    […] Here’s a 2 pages advert that we are going to publish in the next Inside issue (Inside is the leadig belgian Internet Business Magazine). So if you’re interested in some Google Analytics Consulting Services don’t hesitate to contact Julien. […]

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