eMetrics Summit – Washington 2006 : A big thank you to you all!


I wanted to thank all the people that presented and that I had the pleasure to speak with during the eMetrics Washington. It has been a great experience!

My first thanks goes to Jim and Mathew (Avinash you’re right in calling eMetrics the Finlay-Sterne show ;-)) for hosting this event. Jim is such a nice guy, as Aurélie says you cannot but love him 😉 There’s a song by Leonard Cohen called ‘The walz’ that springs Aurélie’s mind every time she witnesses a presentation by Jim Sterne. Keep it up and I hope that we will be able to present one of these days at eMetrics our european perspective 😉

After I wanted to thank the 3 persons I absolutely wanted to meet in person at eMetrics that is Eric Peterson, Avinash Kaushik and Greg Drew.
Eric was the first that we meet. As I already posted, the first night I arrived. On tuesday he made to Aurélie and I a private demo of Visual Sciences in his room during almost 2 hours. We were astonished by the power of VS. Aurélie will post her thoughts about this shortly (she has baptised VS as the ‘Analyst Nirvana’). Thanks Eric and again, great presentation regarding process!
I met Avinash on monday and I must admit that is one of the friendliest persons I’ve ever met. As we say in french ‘il a le coeur sur la main’. As I expected, you gave an excellent presentation and our conversation around the bar was really refreshing. Thanks for giving me your comments on our eMarketing Platform and sharing your thoughts. Please keep helping the community with your posts and presentations, you’re doing a great job.
Greg Drew has been someone that we have been watching from our side of the ocean and for whom we have a great respect. The company and tool that he has managed to build have helped us to get to the level of knowledge we have nowadays. Thanks Greg for WebTrends and we have many hopes for the new functionalities you’re building on the DataWarehouse.

Besides I have met dozens of people and here are some of them, the others please indulge me for not mentionning you but my memory has its limits ;-): Robert Blakeley,Vicky Brock, Mauro Canzian, Justin Cutroni, Andrea Hadley, Braden Hoeppner, Brian Induni, Kory Kimball, François Le Boulaire, Jesper Lindhardt, Giovanni Lorenzoni, John Marshall, Nick Mihailovski, David Mickelson, Judith Pascual, Marc Sarde, Robbin Steif, Robert Volz, Jason Widup and Pierre Guillaume Wielezynski.

So again, thank you to you all. Aurélie and I have been thrilled by this experience. The conversations that we have had in addition with the presentations has given us a new insight about the future of Web Analytics and thus our company. I think that this event is going to have a great influence in the future of OX2.

Please keep up on what you’re doing and if you come to Belgium don’t forget to pay us a visit, who knows, it might not rain;-)

Cheers from Brussels,


P.S. Frank, I’ve lost your card, please send me an email 😉

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