OX2-Panos IAB Best Efficiency Case + Audience Award Winner


IAB - Interactive Adbertising BureauThis thursday, I arrived from eMetrics at 8 am. I went to a have a little nap as I needed to prepare myself for 2 presentation. One that I was addressing at the CMS Congress and one at the IAB NetCafé as we had been winners (along with other 2 cases) of the Efficiency IAB Best Case of year 2006.

It was an hectic day and I was completly jet lagged…

At the IAB I was doing the presentation with our customer Thomas Dusart from Panos. As mentioned we where one of the 3 winners along with i-merge and Isobar.  Once the 3 presentations were adressed, the audience could vote by SMS for the most efficient case of the year (what they call the Audience Award). I wanted to thank the audience that voted for us and allowed us to win this second award.

I must admit that I wasn’t expecting to win these two prizes as it was the first time that we presented ourselves in a competition.
I’ll be adressing again the presentation at Customer First the next 25th of October, so if you’re in Brussels and the efficiency subject is close to your heart, don’t hesitate to step forward and I’ll gladly exchange thoughts.

Some figures: (campaign duration=18 days!)

# of visits to the website : 58.627
# of page views: 1.057.769 (18 pages per visit)
# of page views the busiest day: 155.071
# of games played: 109.024
# of games/sent eCoupons: 2,6
# referal visits: 16.024
# eCoupons sent: 41.701
# eCoupons printed: 35.319
# eCoupons exchanged in POS: 20.659 (58,9%)
# eCoupons fraud atempts: 189 (less than 2 per POS)
Near 60% of eCoupons exchange rate
Cost per profiled email address: less than 2 euros!

You can download our presentation as well as i-merge’s and Isobar’s (Creatives done by Emakina). Congrats to both of you, nice campaigns 😉

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