Free Multivariable Testing (MVT) White Paper


Multivariable TestingThis month we have published a free White Paper about Multivariable Testing.  As you probably know we have been working on this topic the latest months and we have integrated a MVT module within our eMarketing Platform OniSystem.  You can download the White Paper here.

About the white Paper:

Multivariable Testing allows you to test different versions of a web page or component put in front of distinct groups of visitors.
You enjoy the freedom of varying the format, the content or the position of these elements on your web page.

By measuring the behavior of these different groups of visitors, you define which version produces the best results.

This way you work on a scientific basis, allowing you to justify the modifications brought to your website and to increase your conversion rates.

OX2 has incorporated a Multivariable Testing module to allow content owners to increase rapidly and in all independence the performance of their online channel. OniSystem allows this by making Multivariable Testing an inherent component that allows comparing certain elements of content such as forms, images, blocs of text, etc.


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