Thinking about getting rid of my TV. What are Advertising Agencies gonna do about that?


Bored-family-watching-tvAs René decided to watch 3 consecutive episodes of Lost on TF1, I was thinking about world peace, Bush and religion. In order to feed my hungry brain, I decided to scout on Google’s videos in order to find out what Madeleine Albright had been up to lately, as I read her latest book some weeks ago, and see how Web 2.0 applications had been tagged inside this application.

Sure enough, while doing a rapid search on “Madeleine Albright”, I stumpled upon an Interesting KPBS interview, where she unfortunately mainly discussed her first book, Madam Secretary. It was nonetheless interesting to scout around the Web 2.0 applications to the right while listening and posting comments and checking source codes to understand the way this could be measured.

Hungry for more I discovered something else called Fora TV. Fora TV is a free video streaming service with a discussion forum. While watching the video, the text of her speach scrolled down at the same rythm to the right of the video. Underneath, the registered user can post links related to the subject and post comments. This interactive experience made my evening!

Madeleine mentioned someone else in the first video: Shelly Lazarus, CEO of Ogilvy & Mather. Ogilvy has always been a cornerstone of advertising and about the only book I actually own regarding this sector. As a woman in her early 30s, I’m also on the look out for female role models in business. Hence the interest.
As I went through Shelly Lazarus’ bio, I stumbled upon an interesting quote: “She starts with the premise that a client does, indeed, emit a constant stream of messages about its products… If you are going to send out all these messages, she says, they all should work together whether at home or globally. That way when a potential customer receives one impression, it reinforces all the other ones that came before.”

Good premise, couldn’t agree more.
So I wondered what Ogilvy was actually up to related to new technologies. I also hear my clients starting to talk about Web 2.0, I often supposed this was partially influenced by the Ogilvy’s of this world. Actually I was secretly hopping for Mrs. Lazarus’ blog I suppose 😉
Didn’t find that but did find a blog of OgilvyOneParis, to my great disillusion. There are many things about this blog that are, on a technological level, absolutely not in place which is sad because technologically speaking, there is no real reason to go wrong with a blog. It’s like Web 2.0. Don’t anyone let you tell you that technologically, it’s very, very complicated because it’s just not true: nothing new on the horizon, just another way of looking at it. Which is where the fun business part (finally) starts.

Ok, so no interesting Ogilvy blog. So I decided to check out the tags on the Ogilvy websites just to take a peak at what product they might be using. uses Google Analytics tags on a range of their websites. Some sites have frames and for for I couldn’t find any tags. I’m getting sader by the minute.

Mrs Lazarus’ premiss in right on spot and with technological evolution, customer touchpoints are going to diversify a lot in the next 10 years. Heck, we’ve already got quite a chunk of the population chatting, blogging, SMSing, etc. In France alone, the Courrier International mentioned this week in “Enfant de Montaigne et fans de blogs” around 27 million bloggers!

Change is good but you have to keep up.

I’m seriously thinking about chucking my ugly TV out of the window and replacing it with my laptop. After all, I watch the news, documentaries and films. The series I really like, such a West Wing, are bought on Amazon. These nice people always remind me at this time of year that the last season will be out soon, thanks to true CRM. And the only thing I really wanted to watch on the TV was Netwerk, which is also available online for free!

Daily Reach and Duration for Various Media

So, when I look at the graph, I would sincerely be very interested in what Mrs. Lazarus plans to do for her clients. The pace of change has suddendly accelerated here in Europe (as well) and the time is right to start seriouly thinking about the consequences of these changes. As for everything in life, for every bad thing, there comes a good one along and this is accrued accountability through measure. The road ahead is long, it’s time to start climbing that steep hill, if you’ve not already put on your mountaineering gear.

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One Response to “Thinking about getting rid of my TV. What are Advertising Agencies gonna do about that?”

  1. Julien Coquet Says:


    as always, it is a pleasure to read your posts. 🙂

    I’d like to comment on the alleged 27 million French bloggers.

    In its article, Courrier International includes figures from Skyblogs, a Typepad or blogging platform owned by French radio group SkyRock (get your groove on, yo).

    Skyblogs literally exploded onto the French blogging scenes, getting mass sign-ups from pre-teens, teens and young adults (the radio group’s core market). In a matter of 6 months, over 2 million blogs were created on that platform alone. If my memory serves correctly, Skyblog is among the top 20 blogging platforms worldwide, with a total of between 4 and 5 million blogs. It is however fighting a losing battle against Myspace…

    Now I’m not necessarily againt the online expression of teen angst, but most of these Skyblogs are inactive – an estimated 60%.

    Cumulate this factor with other French blog platforms and this could put a serious dent in the 27 million figure.

    Now on the topic of Lost, you will learn in Season 3 that the premise of the mysterious island is… world peace! Maybe it’s worth watching after all but don’t forget, the numbers are cursed!! 😉


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