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Free Multivariable Testing (MVT) White Paper

September 28, 2006

Multivariable TestingThis month we have published a free White Paper about Multivariable Testing.  As you probably know we have been working on this topic the latest months and we have integrated a MVT module within our eMarketing Platform OniSystem.  You can download the White Paper here.

About the white Paper:

Multivariable Testing allows you to test different versions of a web page or component put in front of distinct groups of visitors.
You enjoy the freedom of varying the format, the content or the position of these elements on your web page.

By measuring the behavior of these different groups of visitors, you define which version produces the best results.

This way you work on a scientific basis, allowing you to justify the modifications brought to your website and to increase your conversion rates.

OX2 has incorporated a Multivariable Testing module to allow content owners to increase rapidly and in all independence the performance of their online channel. OniSystem allows this by making Multivariable Testing an inherent component that allows comparing certain elements of content such as forms, images, blocs of text, etc.


My thoughts on Instadia’s ClientStep

September 21, 2006

Instadia Data Mining I have been attending a training for Instadia’s ClientStep last week in Denmark.

I didn’t know anything about the product before going there – as my team members, Siegert and Aurélie, remained quite mysterious and didn’t want to push my hopes up – so I got my first glimpse at the interface during the introduction of the training.

You probably don’t know it yet, I’m an IT.
That’s probably why what impresses me the most in this product is the database.
Let’s explain briefly how it works. (more…)

Thinking about getting rid of my TV. What are Advertising Agencies gonna do about that?

September 11, 2006

Bored-family-watching-tvAs René decided to watch 3 consecutive episodes of Lost on TF1, I was thinking about world peace, Bush and religion. In order to feed my hungry brain, I decided to scout on Google’s videos in order to find out what Madeleine Albright had been up to lately, as I read her latest book some weeks ago, and see how Web 2.0 applications had been tagged inside this application.

Sure enough, while doing a rapid search on “Madeleine Albright”, I stumpled upon an Interesting KPBS interview, where she unfortunately mainly discussed her first book, Madam Secretary. It was nonetheless interesting to scout around the Web 2.0 applications to the right while listening and posting comments and checking source codes to understand the way this could be measured.

Hungry for more I discovered something else called Fora TV. Fora TV is a free video streaming service with a discussion forum. While watching the video, the text of her speach scrolled down at the same rythm to the right of the video. Underneath, the registered user can post links related to the subject and post comments. This interactive experience made my evening!

Madeleine mentioned someone else in the first video: Shelly Lazarus, CEO of Ogilvy & Mather. Ogilvy has always been a cornerstone of advertising and about the only book I actually own regarding this sector. As a woman in her early 30s, I’m also on the look out for female role models in business. Hence the interest.
As I went through Shelly Lazarus’ bio, I stumbled upon an interesting quote: “She starts with the premise that a client does, indeed, emit a constant stream of messages about its products… If you are going to send out all these messages, she says, they all should work together whether at home or globally. That way when a potential customer receives one impression, it reinforces all the other ones that came before.” (more…)

Digital Convergence & Future of Web Analytics

September 10, 2006

cables.jpgThis morning I was reading an article in the magazine CNBC European Business (September 2006) by Joe Figueiredo “Come Toguether“. It starts like this “Although sometimes obscured by the fog of hype, a real convergence of the information, communication and entertainment industries is under way in Europe.

It’s not a magazine that I read often but Aurélie told me to read the article. So I took my cup of coffee, a little cigarette and started reading. All kind of thoughts & ideas were emerging as I was reading so I took notes and I wanted to share with you some of them in a brainstorm mode.

The article starts by explaining the fact that KPN (Dutch Telecom Co) has made a joint venture with Endemol. The author seems to find this a right move. It reminds me that Endemol was formely owned by Telefónica (Spanish Telecom Co) that sold it with a big loss. Endemol was bought by Telefónica at the time of Juan Villalonga, forced to leave his CEO job in 2000. Villalonga had done a lot for Telefónica and the present time shows that his views weren’t that bad. Just bad timing. Nowadays the decisions and acquisitions done back then by Villalonga would be seen by all analytsts (from this century…) as clever moves. Remember that he also created Terra and bought Lycos (also sold with big losses), which unfortunately have lost a lot during the Internet bust of the early 2000s. Reminds me that in France a similar ‘personnage’ emerged during the first boom of the Internet Jean-Marie Messier. These two persons that I admire and respect, were a bit too visionary for their time and makes me think that today’s business world is to focused on short term profits. (more…)

Web Analytics & Investment Banking; Mergers & Acquisitions and IPOs

September 5, 2006

I am back in the Dutch mountains (the place where I grew up is called Bergen, which literally means mountains in Dutch) for the sell of my mother’s house. It’s been a long week, filled with workshops (these really worn me out), eternal Kafkaian discussions with vendors, technical mishaps within clients environments and the bright light of our new ad campaigns that my husband is setting up with our Design team.

It’s funny like there’s rythm to following the blogs that are out there related to Web Analytics. I must admit that I have so much work that I don’t have the time to follow it all up but every once in a while, something gets my attention. There’s of course also René who feeds me with info, Siegert who surfs around on the more Dutch part of the WA domain, Guillaume who’s talking to the vendors about his technical issues and of course the daily Yahoo User Group newsletter.

There is just so much information lying out there on the field as well that I’m sort of in a kind of balance between looking at what’s going on in real life, in comparison with what I see on the blogs, user groups, web casts and products website or conferences.
The delay with which Europe also reacts often means that I’m faced with issues that have been discussed some time ago on the user group for example. I remember some months back the discussions about measurements of PPC and I’m finally in this situation for a client today.
So, I’ve been doing my research on the User Group, using the search and getting back to reading posts in more depth from some months ago. By the way, I wouldn’t dare to ask a question in the fear of being kindly reminded by Robin Steif that the question had already been asked. (more…)