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Future of Web Analytics Vendors

July 30, 2006

Following a very thoughtful comment of Avinash in my previous post, I’ve decided to answer in a new post.
Avinash, even on a Friday afternoon, your comments remain pertinent and I quite agree on most aspects.

We can’t imagine where we’ll be within 10 years time as very little people saw things like ICQ, Google or even blogs coming. Fact remains, and you know that as well as I do, that the mathematical and statistical rules that determine success or failure of initiatives have not changed that much over time. It’s always a matter of how much money you’ve spent and how much you gain in order to determine return on investment and how to define who you’re going to target with your communication in order to assure this return.I think it’s more access to and use of this information that will have to change and even though Web Analytics products suppliers are racing for new features faster and faster, it’s clear that the ones that will win will be the ones open to their partners and listening to what the clients actually need.



Greg is happy and I’d invest (if I could)

July 28, 2006

Greg Drew - WebTrends CEOI got a mail this morning from Greg Drew, WebTrends CEO, and he seems happy. I felt like sharing the joy and gratitude for all the good work these guys in Portland and London do for us to make the online channel something that is really starting to count.

Not only did WebTrends sign on Microsoft as a customer back in May, launched V8 – also called Marketing Lab – but also announces today that they’re doing quite well financially.
An extract of the full press release: “I am pleased to announce that in Q2, WebTrends continued to strengthen its financial position and market leadership; increasing profitability and reaching record financial milestones and yearly growth rates that continue to exceed the growth rate of the market. In particular the overall business grew 30 percent year-over-year on a bookings basis and WebTrends On Demand continues to see very strong growth experiencing bookings growth of 78 percent year-over-year. Internationally, WebTrends EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Asia) achieved 108 percent year-over-year growth.“.
Yeap, we’ve been busy also here in Europe and having fun 😉 (more…)